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“A hundered percent of you is a fifth a percent of me”~ Eminem

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Jun 2019

Just gotta say the Brad Paisley concert was pretty fun w you guys and I'm glad we all ended up meeting there. Love yoi guys, thanks for a great concert!

Dec 2018

Its been awhile since I've posted but recently I've been missing this concert and these peeps😂love y'all😊💕

Aug 2018

Ok ok ok, first of all yes I know this is a pretty delayed post but I felt to need to post it before I absolutely forget to. So just wanted to thank all these awesome peps for a great finally year in highschool, y'all are pretty amazing. Along with @saucey__laflair @purple_jasper0 @nerdyrissa and to Jerrell and Eli. Oh and congrats to @jordan___arroyo and @bryzaxoxo_ for getting Prom King and Queen

Feb 2018

Okay it's been awhile and I felt like posting something. So here's a throwback with a couple of good friends on Yesenias Birthday. It was a great night with a ton of funny moments 😂

Oct 2017

Good year so far. Greatful for all my friends that I have with me this year. Shout out to these two for hanging out with me yesterday and going to the Lobo game and seeing them take the Dub against Air Force. Alsospending the night going to the movies and out to eat. #seniorsunday #classof2018

Sep 2017

This was supposed to be posted the other night but oj well..... anyways, Congratulations Jags on beating Sandia the other night, you played great and congratulations to everyone who participated in homecoming court. Thank you to everyone I got to hang out with the other night and making the game the best last homecoming game #classof2018

Aug 2017

Well today was my first, first last Central District of the year and let me say that it was the best thing ever. I'd like to thank all these people that went and made it amazing #centraldistrict #stuco #classof2018

Aug 2017

(Tried to post this yesterday but didn't work ) Yesterday was Senior Sunrise and it was amazing. I'd like to thank these people for hanging out with me and talking to me for the time being. Thank you for making this the highlight of my day and for making it a great memory.(Also forgot to tag @mf .lupe ) Thank you all #classof2018

Aug 2017

Last night at the football game (which was a white out, we all wore white ) with some great people. Though the game was delayed and we didn't win it was a good time with good people. Good game Jags!.....also thanks @janaetrevinoo for staying with me for most of the game...p.s. I had to repost this because I had forgot to add a picture

Aug 2017

Today way a good day for being my last first day of school and the sunset was beautiful and the storm going over the city made it a good night....I guess you can say today was a good day

Aug 2017

How I'm feeling with school starting next week...😧😪