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4 weeks ago

Yep. Really missing traveling right about now. This trip to Italy in particular was such a dream come true 🇮🇹 🍷 ☀️ . One of the things I struggle with accepting the most is not knowing when in the foreseeable future we’ll be able to go on trips again. I do realize it’s a pity problem to have compared to most so I am by no means complaining, I just do really miss the adventure of arriving in a new place, meeting people that challenge my perception of reality and coming back fueled to tell the story. Trying my best to be grateful for what I have and helping those who are struggling far more than I am. I hope you are all doing well out there my friends ❤️

last month

Happy birthday to this cutie!! (he hates to be called that so now that’s what I call him 😆 ) To the crazy one with the biggest heart... I’m so grateful for another year of friendship/kinda marriage. Here’s to more growth, laughter and adventure ❤️

last month

Bitter sweet... My family found a buyer for our family home. The home I grew up in for most of my life. As happy as I am for all of us that it’s time to move on as my parents move into Paris (and that I can now crash in their apartment in the city whenever I go home rather than in the suburbs 😈.. ) I’m truly going to miss this place. It’s the house where all the incredible Swedish Christmases were celebrated, where the endless games were played in our backyard and where we spent weeks every freaking fall picking up all the damn leaves from all the trees!! I will always remember this house as an absolute dream of a house to grow up in and I already look back at it with so much nostalgia. My mom spent the past year organizing everything we had collected the past 20 years to get it ready to sell and broke down when it was time.. (she’s an absolute champ by the way ). I’m not going to lie, having a last time to walk through the half-empty house last summer with @lexielimitless was so strange. I was mixed with so much gratitude for the time I’d had here but also so sad that a chapter was ending. I teared up thinking about all the memories we’d made but also so happy a new family is going to get to make their own here. Good-bye beautiful home and good-bye flourishing backyard. You will truly be missed. I love you for all the memories you brought to our family and I can’t wait to come back one day and knock on your door to say hello your new owner ❤️ Here’s to a new chapter 🙌

Feb 2020

Happy Valentine’s Day to my favorite of all time 💘

Feb 2020

Bolivian Salt Flats 🇧🇴 Thank you 🙏 📸 @beautifuldestinations @cory .s.martin

Jan 2020

In 2015 I graduated University, sat down and stared at a blank piece of paper to try and figure out what I’d want to do with my life. I was 21, picturing myself at 30 looking back at my 20s wondering what I’d want them to look like in an ideal world. I boiled it down to 3 things: - Travel - Creativity - Positive Impact I then wrote down all the jobs I could think of where I’d get to do all of those things: teaching English abroad, humanitarian work, journalism etc. Then asked myself: if I could succeed no matter what, if risk wasn’t a component: Which of these would I pursue? Because naturally my brain was trying to choose the most likely option. To my surprise, making videos and telling stories on YouTube ranked #1 . I wasn’t exactly sure how the positive impact element would come into play at first until I realized the power of a great story. The impact that inspiring someone to drive positive change into their lives can have. To some extent I find myself very lucky to have stumbled onto the philosophy of seeking discomfort and now get to champion that message on YouTube. But today, I am grateful that this strange afternoon where I sat in front of a blank piece of paper scribbling down a solution for my lack of direction got me here. Thank you all for believing in me 🙏

Dec 2019

When we go on these trips we rarely know what’s going to happen. I personally always feel torn between wanting to embrace the moment, letting the natural course of events carry me, and wanting to plan things to make sure I get a good story out of it. I think the answer is somewhere in the middle. You can’t be passive and expect things to just happen, but the greatest way to ensure good things will actually happen is just to relax and focus on bringing positive and open-minded energy. So there it is: Take care of your headspace, don’t fight it even if you’re a bit anxious, instead embrace it and also don’t wait to introduce yourself to people! As someone who’s naturally a bit shy, I’ve never regretted walking up and saying hi to someone. I look back at this trip to Tuvalu with such nostalgia and gratitude for how lucky I was to have met all the incredible people I ran into on the island. We have tons of travel episodes planned for 2020 and I can’t wait to share what we learn on those trip 🌴☀️🏔

Sep 2019

WE DID IT! We finally uploaded our documentary “The Lost Pyramid” to YouTube... What a wild journey it has been. So freaking proud and thankful for everybody involved... And all of YOU who supported us and made this doc possible⚡️⚡️⚡️ here’s a goofy picture of all of us being so happy to be out of that blazing hot jungle 🌴☀️ Here’s to the next one!!

Sep 2019

ARGH Paris!! Today is the last day of our 3 week break and it’s been one of the best and most fulfilling ones I’ve had in a very long time. I’ve struggled with being able to relax over the past few years, always feeling like I should be running around being productive all the time. But I’ve learned over the past year and with the presence of this beautiful girl in my life how important and incredible it is. I feel revitalized, fulfilled and ready to take a few days to get organized and set my intentions for the rest of the year. Tomorrow I’ll back and working on Yes Theory again and I’m hyped!! This was a few days ago when I got to show @lexielimitless my beautiful hometown of Paris and take some PRETTY DOPE couple pictures 🇫🇷🥐🌹 thank you for capturing these great photos @visualisation_

Aug 2019

A huge and underestimated part of our wild trip to Guatemala was this man, Mario. Our Mayan spiritual guide. He taught us Mayan history, he taught us compassion and kindness and he taught us the importance of knowing where we come from so we can better prepare for our future. I’ll definitely remember this trip for the rest of my life and if you want to understand how emotional and physically intense this trip was for us... Our documentary is available under a pay what you want model on yestheory.com/documentary I promise you’d definitely regret not watching Yes Theory’s biggest and most intense film project to date... So what are you waiting for! go check it now!! Love you all and hopefully see you in the jungle ❤️ 📷 by @chelseakauai

Aug 2019

The day Cake Boy was born... 😆 Thank you @willsmith for the awesome opportunity 🤘🌴🍰 I’ll see you guys at the Oscars, obviously. #CakeBoyForLife

Aug 2019

I’ve been struggling with Instagram a lot. I realized earlier this year how bad my addiction was when I was catching myself constantly interrupting my concentration to pull out my phone and check it mindlessly. That’s when I realized my phone was controlling me not the other way around. Social media has given us the beautiful gift of communicating with people we’d otherwise never reach and stay in touch with family across the world. But it’s also completely taken over our lives. We interrupt our work, intimate moments and conversations to check how many likes or messages we got. It’s literally stripping us away from actually being connected and I just haven’t figured out how I want to balance my own usage yet. While reflecting on why I even posted in the first place I realized I was mostly doing it to prove something to other people.. Why am I doing this to myself?? Overall, I’d leave the app feeling either falsely confident or foolishly low. And so.. On a journey to be more in control of my own self-worth. I’ve kept Instagram off my phone for 90% of my time and download it back when I have something to say but I’m not too sure what I want to do going forward.. I’ll be reflecting on that and try to post a little more than every few months.. but I’ll probably keep deleting it to not get absorbed again. It’s so important to remember that the app as great as it is, has been designed to be insanely addiction and our simple human brains can’t outsmart it. So I’m going to keep removing myself once in a while to make sure I’m in control and not the other way around ❤️ hope y’all are doing good 😌 📸 @visionsofele

Jun 2019

When your best friend tells you he’s going to do a FULL IRONMAN and you go “uh oh”.. When he tells you he’s gotta wake up at 5am for 6 months and work out for 4 hours before we start working and you go “wow how is he going to do that?”. Then when he crosses the finish line in the top 25% of the race in under 12 hours and you “GADDAM MATTY POO!! YOU DID IT!!” Literally couldn’t stop smiling. After seeing all the sacrifices he’s made all I could think of was how proud I was. Felt so inspired watching the story and video we just released of his experience. Big big day for this man right here. Congratulations to our very own Ironman 👏💪❤️

May 2019

“SMILE FOR THE PICTURE!” I met this outrageous and hilarious man about a year ago and every time we hang out it always turns into a wild adventure. Never met someone with as much joy for life and constant energy. Never a dull moment with this dood, much love to you @livetothemax 🌴☀️ 📸 by @samkolder

May 2019

This is my best friend Ammar, he turned 25 this week and I couldn’t be more proud of him. He’s carried more on his shoulders this year and had things weighing on his heart more than most people will ever understand. Despite this year being the hardest of his life he stayed committed to self-improvement and I’m amazed by what he accomplished. From 100 days of sweat to learning how to accept parts of who he is that he hadn’t come to terms with in the past. He’s growing more and more into the authentic version of himself that he deserves to become. This is only the beginning and the world will be a better place as this man becomes who he was meant to become. I love you Habibs.. oh, and Ramadan Kareem ✌️❤️🎉

Apr 2019

Hello world... 5 months ago I met this incredible girl. She’s blown me away in more ways than I thought was possible. I’m beyond happy to as of a few weeks ago call her my girlfriend. She’s about to break the world record for being the youngest person to travel to every country on the planet and I couldn’t be more proud of her. 5 countries left and the record is yours my love.. go get em, I love you @lexielimitless

Feb 2019

People who knew me first through the videos are sometimes confused when they actually get to know me in real life by how quiet I am. At first I got really self-conscious wondering if I wasn’t being my real-self on camera. I was wondering if I was just creating an image rather than being authentic. Then a friend told me “what if you’re just deciding to only show one part of you on camera? It’s doesn’t mean you’re not that person, it only means that only the people truly close to you get of know you fully?” And over time while reflecting on this, I’ve come to peace with the fact that I do get very quiet sometimes. And that I can’t show every part of who I am through videos. I overthink things easily and I like to take my time to think about things before I make a decision. I don’t always feel comfortable talking a lot in front of new people because I don’t always know what to say. I love meeting new people but I sometimes feel incapable of coping with small talk. I’m working on growing more self aware in these areas of my life and understanding why I do these things. I’ve realized recently that a lot of it has been grounded in lack of self-esteem. Retracing back to my past to understand where that comes from recently has been a scary but exciting journey. Seeking to understand your mind and why you think the way you think is such another pure form of seeking discomfort. It’s not just about physical challenges and experiences. Seeking Discomfort is also a massive internal journey to the truth within you. I’m excited to continue uncovering it. 📸 by @matasvibes

Dec 2018

I downloaded Instagram again because I have something I really wanted to say. This minute of the recap of our year is probably my single favorite minute we’ve ever made. I’m in tears watching it again right now as I type this. I feel so freaking blessed every single day to not only be able to do what I love with my absolute best friends that I consider my brothers but also that we get to build this freakin badass community with all of you. This year we’ve seen our own wildest dreams and the ones of complete strangers come true right before our eyes and it gave us so much hope and genuine joy for the future. I’m trying to take some time to look back at where we came from in the next week or so and just watching this while remembering all the crap we’ve had to deal with to make it here is insane. There’s so much we’ve never shared... From being denied our first visas to the US while loosing our visas to Canada and having nowhere else to go... to being dead broke & forced to sell things we own to afford to continue... to having to make some really hard choices against the will of people close to us... The shitty decisions are endless. But we now get look at this minute and say gaddam, it was all so freaking worth it. Can’t wait to show you all the amazing things we have planned for next year... Love you all and hope you can all take some time to reflect on your year as well ✌️

Dec 2018

Last week’s off the grid adventures.. w/ @lexielimitless 🌵🌺☀️ perfect way to start a break is with limited phone usage.. I encourage as many of you as possible to delete your most used social media apps for a few days during break.. I’m saying bye to Instagram, YouTube and Twitter for a bit now and will report back to you once I’m done, hopefully some of your will follow along. Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year erryone, let’s make 2019 a meaningful one ❤️

Dec 2018

Few people know this but 7 years ago I developed chronic injuries that pulled me away from all my favorite sports. I had to stop competing in Judo, Tennis and pretty much any sport that required my arm’s strength. I lost a huge part of my identity, self esteem.. but I never thought it would last this long. I tried to see 8 different doctors over 3 years to heal, digging into my savings to pay for it, but no one could fix it.. and eventually I just gave up. Surfing has somehow changed everything, it needs my arms but for some reason doesn’t hurt as much as long as I pace myself every week. I still feel the pain. My injuries are still there. But if I’m careful it’s a lot less intense than it used to be. I’ve been seeing a doctor every week for the past few months to make sure it doesn’t escalate.. and so far I’ve been able to get by. I think the lesson here is that giving up is the only way you truly fail. I had failed for years because I didn’t want to cope with feeling weak. But moving forward, I’ll do my best to pace myself, stay safe and deal with the pain as it comes. If you’ve ever had sports injuries and let those be the reason you gave up, I also hope you’ll find the strength to recover and slowly regain your love for sports (and yourself ). I’m back baby. 💪 // 📷 by @matasvibes

Oct 2018

Gotcha, Internet 🤣 [How we did it is up on the Yes Theory YouTube] //📷 by @matasvibes #JustinBieberBurrito

Aug 2018

Got to spend some quality time with the fam during our month off in July, grateful every day for this crazy group 🍀☀️❤️

Jul 2018

I turned 25 today.. and I’m so freaking thankful I get to spend my 20s with my favorite dudes on the planet. Blown away everyday by these guys, they genuinely teach me something new everyday and I can’t wait to continue growing together. Much love to all of you for making our dreams come true, I can’t wait to see what’s ahead ❤️ // This photo was taken on a tiny road in the mountains during our trip to Thailand back in May 🌸

May 2018

My dad came to Koh Samui when he was 24 in 1986 during a yearlong backpacking trip across Asia. Today, at the same age as him I saw for the first time one of the places he visited during his trip. Can’t wait to see them all, thanks for the inspiration dad ☀️