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...as I learn to coexist with this beast of a dragon in the flesh this is my first time in this position....but mentally and spiritually I’ve been here a million times ! I can easily tell you how this relationship started and how It will end in its due time ....but I’d rather not talk about it and just show you ❤️ ...it’s been a long time dreaming and working with all different Species of lizards even though it’s been a lifelong thing I’m still learning and observing every species as a whole and as individuals! I thank God for these young visions as a kid and to know experience them as a young man ! I look forward to when I’m 60 years old one day and look back at these clips and think to myself how much of rock head I was .....I’m so inspired to learn and just keep learning and growing daily ....✅ chasing dreams since 93 !


How often do you wash your dogs ? What vitamins and supplements do you put in your dogs diet ? How often are you checking and cleaning teeth 🦷? What are your routines for exercise and enrichment? How to encourage good behavior with other dogs 🐕? Should you spay and neuter your dogs ? How often should I bring my dog in for checkups at the vet ? These are all important questions that many of us have as dog lovers and owners ! Stand by for the 411 on all things dogs related ❤️


Sharing is caring ❤️🤘🏽 Eating pumpkin 🎃 blueberry banana collards kale and mazuri tortoise chow 😂...i usually steal some food 🥘 from them 😂

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Spending time with the familia 🙏🏾👑

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Full time Daddy❤️ Photo creds 📸 : @theoquenee

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Here at Planet Tarzana we all strive to grow and learn from one another ! We all must keep each other sharp and love one another regardless if we are different! • @therealsugie is a perfect example of a teacher for us all ! A well rounded dog with nothing but love ❤️ • Spell “swimming pigs” letter by letter for a shoutout and follow back ! • (There’s no such thing as a bad dog only a bad owner ) let’s not bully the breed let’s help it reach new levels it’s never reached before it starts with us ALL ! 🙏🏽

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Training for Tug of war championships @therealsugie comment “ DOG LOVER” letter by letter if you have a dog at home and want a chance to win some free products we are dropping with @wyldones and we will repost the best dog post on our stories today ! Tag me and @therealsugie in your post 🤟🏽🙏🏾 ❤️ love you all !

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WARNING ⚠️.....Cuteness overload ....I NEED HELP NAMING THE PIGLETS ...please drop some suggestions below 🙏🏽🤘🏽 we named one LEWIS HAM-ILTON already 😂 @lewishamilton

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In situ.... • comment some facts about the Australian olive python and the Papuan olive python 🐍

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If this doesn’t make you want to eat @beyondmeat Idk what will ! Cuteness overload ......spell “piggy papa” letter by letter for a chance to win some free merch !

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This is your Papuan Olive Python (Apodora papuana ) 🐍 eating it’s weekly meal ! Did you know a snake can eat a meal 5x thicker than the largest part of its body ! They are also able to unhinge the front bottle of their jaw to help with the swallowing process and help consume its meal 🥘 and also the breakdown process in consuming animals in the snakes digestive system they have a super high stomach acid not as strong as humans but just enough acidic content to dissolve bones and eggshells but they lack the enzymes to break down keratin such as hair , nails , scales hooves , claws and insect exoskeletons! .....well that’s enough crazy snake facts for today stay tuned as I have a bunch more to share and help educate you on ! • • Comment “SNAKE EATER” letter by letter

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I forgot to add in an “insectivore” which is an animal that feeds primarily on insects 🐜 for example termites, ants ,worms 🐛 just your wide variety of bugs for example! The cousin of this lizard is a savannah monitor (Varanus exanthematicus ) they primarily feed on insects ! But This one here in the video is a cape banded white throat monitor (Varanus microstrictus ) which is a savage when it comes to the food chain in the grounds of Africa they BEAST down any small prey they can get their hands on and overpower and can grow upwards of 5-6 feet long equipped with razor sharp nails a thick robust tail and teeth you don’t want to feel a bite from 😳! The Varanus section of lizards are amongst the most intelligent and fascinating creatures on the planet 🌎 and we will be diving deeper into the species ...stay tuned for more 😜! • Comment “WYLDONES” letter by letter for a chance to come visit us and help us feed some animals for the weekend 🤟🏽🌎

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Feeding some of the kids here’s a sneak peak into this weeks episodes of feeding time ! • COMMENT “asphyxiation” letter by letter for a chance to come visit TARZANA and Dm this to your friends to help win ! You can also win by dropping some facts about the black headed python (Aspidites melanocephalus ) in the comments below ......READY .....SET......GO!

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Papa Smurf 💙 and Titong 🖤 Lizard boy since 93’

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Random shit in my camera roll 🤷🏾‍♂️happy Friday you filthy animals ...I love you all and I hope you had a productive week ❤️ whoever out there that needs a hug just know GOD loves you and so do I ...your best and brightest days are ahead of you ! You have more time in front of you than behind you ❤️🦍

2 weeks ago

(Chelydra serpentina ) eventually I’ll release these guys in my pond in the backyard it’s still under construction 🚧 at the moment but I wanted to Give you an up close look at a dinosaur 🦕 that’s native to the United States 🇺🇸 and Canada 🇨🇦 a cool fact about this species is that during winter times they can live in lakes and estuaries and the top can freeze over and the turtle will be trapped under the ice 🧊 but they can dig through the mud below during hibernation and breathe through the gas that is Released through separating the mud and passing through its mouth 👄and throat this process is called extrapulmonary respiration and they can last up to 6 months underwater 😳TALK about survival ! Every animal has been equipped with something to survive and ward off predators or just fight toe to toe with Mother Nature 🌬 ! Feeding on a ton of small animals like small birds ducks fish snakes other turtles is their primary diet but the tables can turn as babies as they become food in the juvenile stages to birds fish otters etc ! Well that’s enough about turtles for today I hope you guys learned something new 😇

2 weeks ago

Relentless growth and progress every single day ! I’m on a quest to beat the man in the mirror repetitively ! Every second I will look myself in the mirror and speak my truth about myself to myself I will correct my flaws and work on my weaknesses inner and outer regardless if I like them or not ! I have zero remorse for my competition which is ultimately myself ! The man I was a few hours ago better be ready for the man that wakes up when the alarm goes off the next day .....wether you like it or not ....im coming for greatness ! I just want to live up to my maximum potential I just want to be great and nothing less! Best in class ! First not last ! Niggas is “hungry” but I’m fuckin starving ...Operate like your on the brink of death ...I will eat my competition bones and all ...till there is nothing left ! • • I figured I share some inner self thoughts with my notes I jotted down today 📝 ! #Focused

2 weeks ago

My life has always been in the direction of the betterment of animals ! Our entire world operates on the natural ecosystem and it’s surrounding inhabitants such as us humans ! We must look at every single creature from the ant 🐜 to the gorilla 🦍 as equal we must look at black white yellow etc as equal and help one another ! We all depend on each other to survive let’s do our part and lend a helping hand with an open heart ❤️ be the change you want to see !

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What should we name this monster 🧐? Comment below !

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This Is the largest water monitor in the United States 🇺🇸 and possibly the biggest black dragon in the world 🌎 as of currently! He will get BIGGER 😳 as they can reach up to 10’ft in length ! Who wants to guess his weight in the comments below ! If you can guess the right weight I’ll cashapp you 100$ 🤑 ! Comment as much as you want 🤗! And tag a few friends ✅

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Happy Father’s Day to the real king of the jungle ! I love you dad I wish you was here with us ! I think about you everyday and I feel your presence in my dreams when I sleep so I know your close 🤟🏽 I don’t think earth 🌍 could handle the both of us here at the same time 😎😂 but I’m striving to make you and grandpa proud ! One day we will all be together and I’m sure we will have plenty of time to catch up ! I’ll keep the family together like you did and if they got some weights in heaven you better be lifting 😅🦾 it hurts to look back at our memories we once shared and I cry sometimes just thinking about how I can even live life without you but like you always told me “What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger” ! Long live Mufasa 🦁👑 (Grandpa in the last pic 1970s Og Michael arthur holston )

3 weeks ago

Saturday brunch 🤪 This is a carpet python 🐍 munching on a brush tailed possum ! @wyldlife