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Pittsburgh ✨🌸🌇 Catch flights not feelings ✈️ Steelers, Penguins, Pirates 🏈🏒⚾️

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8 hours ago

a year ago 🙂

2 days ago

how I’m gonna be when they open up restaurants next week

4 days ago

cat lady

1 weeks ago

life’s better when you’re tan 💞

2 weeks ago

thinking about this boy a lot today ♥️

2 weeks ago


3 weeks ago

6 years ago, you asked me to be your girlfriend and i said “maybe, let’s see how it goes”...i guess it went pretty well 💗

3 weeks ago

365 days since i last saw you, some days i forget that it’s real. i miss your calls and cards on holidays, i miss your baking (i made some Rice Krispie treats the other day and they’ll never compare to yours ), and i miss you especially. i know you’re watching over me & i hope i make you proud💗

4 weeks ago

Happy Mother’s Day to my mom 🌸 Caring, kind, and she would do absolutely anything for me. Words can’t describe how grateful I am for the relationship we have. I miss you everyday and can’t wait to see you after all of this is over. Love you ❤️

4 weeks ago

i could’ve been wearing this today sipping drinks in the Caribbean but nope thx corona

last month

my sweet boy, thank you for bringing so much joy and happiness into my life. our time together was short and I’m angry that we didn’t have longer but i know you were so loved. I’m completely heartbroken. Dexter was the cat who never left your side and needed to lay on you whenever you sat down. he brought many laughs and happy memories during the short time he was here. i love you so much my sweet boy, i hope you are getting all of the treats you so deserve. until we meet again ❤️

last month

Fit transformation ••• Over the years, I’ve been all over the place with my fitness. Senior year of high school, I was swimming constantly every day burning god knows how many calories (those 10,000 yard practices tho 🥵 ) and I was also the worst picky eater. Now looking at myself 6 years ago, I’m shocked at how tiny I was. Fast forward to college, I was working out a lot, focusing on weights and sometimes cardio. I actually started trying new foods and realized how good food is lol. I looked great but mentally felt awful. I remember taking that picture in the lululemon dressing room and thinking I looked huge (like wtf, I look great ). Now, weight wise I’m honestly the heaviest I’ve been. But i feel great mentally and have eased my way back into working out. I’ve been hiking, doing yoga, starting to get BACK into swimming (which I never thought would happen ), things I never normally did. I realize I’ll probably never be a size 0 again and that’s completely okay. I still have my off days but that’s normal. My body is meant to have curves and I can live with that. I definitely will still be hitting the gym and making progress with that (once it opens up 🙄 ) but during this quarantine, here’s to loving myself 💜

last month

I’m really just a personal photographer for my cats

last month

happy 🌎 day | “take care of the earth & she will take care of you” 💗

last month

almost been a year since i visited the most beautiful place in the world. this quarantine has been kicking my ass mentally and i really miss traveling/going places 😩🌍

Apr 2020

throwback to when i thought 2020 was going to be a good year...😅

Mar 2020

quarantine essentials: cats + lots of wine (or any alcohol )

Mar 2020

bonus points if you spot the cat

Feb 2020

the only good photo i have from this weekend ✨

Feb 2020

i never take pictures of myself anymore 🤷🏻‍♀️

Nov 2019

i obviously peaked in high school #10yearchallenge

Sep 2019

football szn

Sep 2019

post-worst workout of my life tbh

Sep 2019

*buys expensive camera for vacation* *forgets about pictures from that camera until months later*