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I am who I am. #TakeControl

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6 days ago

Took too many L’s.... glad they turned to M’s 😌😊😅

3 weeks ago

Don’t share my opinion cause I don’t feel like I owe u tht...

3 weeks ago

SuperWoman.. I love u Ma.. happy Mother’s Day @heathervannorman

last month

Damn kiddo! U done grownnn uppp 😂😂 happy birthday! Don’t be tryna act grown now! I love u sis, I’m always here for ya! Hope u enjoy ur day @jazzyymills

last month

....that part of me done died..

last month

Moood! I love u too death Momma! I do this all for u! Just wanted to say happy bday enjoy ur day, I wish I could be wit u during this isolation time but Happpy 5...29th bday! Y’all show my momma some LOVE

last month

365 a day will keep the Rona away... #stayhome #staysafe

Mar 2020

Stay safe frfr. Take this time to self evaluate and reflect. Come outta this thing stronger than before. LUV

Mar 2020

I ripped through a whole deck of cards with the help of my brotha @davidblaine of course. I kno we’re all bored at home so let me see how many cards yall can do! Remember technique is the key! And don’t hurt urself 😭😒 #DavidBlaineDeckChallenge I challenge @kingjames @willsmith @kevinhart4real @neymarjr @justinbieber @cristiano

Mar 2020

When ya momma hire a good photographer for ur senior pics😂😂😂

Mar 2020

Is it me.. or do it look like I just walked into a big a$$ sneezee? 🦠 y’all be safe outcheaaa 😂😂

Mar 2020

It’s all about the person u can be ya self wit, I find that this world takes itself a little to serious. Life is full or moments, happy or sad but...what u choose to fill them wit... is on u, I thank u for bein u...YUMI...happy born day ❤️

Mar 2020

“Never been a people person always been the people’s person ...”

Mar 2020

“I invest a couple mil n let my money work for me... “ #MyTurn

Mar 2020

Bench players talkin like starters I hate it 🤨😤...

Feb 2020

I just set the bar and 🤬 fall under it like a limbo....

Feb 2020

I put a lot on myself.... frfr

Feb 2020

Feb 2020

Congrats @riccardotisci17 and thank u @burberry

Feb 2020

I’ll never change... but ill adapt

Feb 2020

“Seem like don’t nobody wanna run the race witchu... but errbody wanna hold the trophy when u get to the finish line...”

Feb 2020

Hands down best show I’ve been to yet...Killin Em Softly👌🏾... @tomford 🐐

Feb 2020

We ALL miss you... #Mamba4Life

Jan 2020

You taught us ALL so many valuable lessons Kobe. Your sacrifice and dedication to this game is somethin that ever athlete can admire. You showed us that there is no substitute for hard work. You’ve been thru it, yet u always found a way to overcame it all. This one hurt beyond words. I still can’t believe it. Somethin I live by and constantly remind myself of is that “Tomorrow isn’t promised.” We’re gonna miss u brother. My prayers go out to the Bryant family and others. 2020 is for u champ, that’s my word!!! Rest easy King. Rest easy GiGi. LUV