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16 hours ago

Voting by mail is a safe, simple, and time-tested way to cast your ballot from home. Head to whenweallvote.org right now to register to vote and request your mail-in ballot. And make sure to share this with your friends so they do the same!

2 days ago

Recording a podcast has been soul-nourishing in the deepest ways. It’s given me the opportunity to reflect and the space to have long, open-ended conversations with some of my closest friends. And I hope all of you are finding some time to have these sorts of conversations with people you love. When we open up about what we’re going through, we can better identify our inner voices and listen to them without feeling guilty. That’s where change starts. Because we can’t show up for the world if we don’t take care of ourselves first. That’s where our truest power lies—right inside our minds and hearts. I hope you'll keep tuning in to these conversations on The #MichelleObamaPodcast . You can listen in at the link in my bio. #SelfcareSunday

4 days ago

Excited to share with you a new @Spotify playlist inspired by the first season of my new podcast. It's filled with incredible new artists and a whole lot of #BlackGirlMagic . I hope you'll give it a listen and follow some of these terrific musicians. #MichelleObamaPodcast

4 days ago

For the past five months, 15-year-old Fortunate Ayomirwoth’s school has been closed. Fortunate spends her days at home in a small suburb of Kampala, Uganda, doing chores, caring for her four younger siblings, and hoping there will be enough food for her family. Since her mother lost her job, money has been tight—and for Fortunate, the window of opportunity feels like it, too, is getting tighter. This is a scary and difficult time for all of our children, and so much is unknown about what the future of education looks like. Unfortunately, for millions of girls around the world, the question isn’t when they will return to school—it’s if they will return at all. Even before COVID-19 struck, more than 98 million adolescent girls worldwide were not in school. Now, due to ripple effects from the pandemic, millions of more girls of secondary school age could remain out of school—not just this year, but possibly forever. @MelindaFrenchGates and I wrote about why we can’t let that happen—and why, as the world determines how to continue educating students in the months ahead, we must ensure that adolescent girls have a chance to learn, to stay healthy, and to stay safe. I hope you’ll read more at the link in my bio, and then take action by supporting organizations through the @GirlsOpportunityAlliance Fund. These grassroots leaders are working tirelessly so that girls continue to have the chance to get an education and to reach their full potential. Support this work today.

5 days ago

It’s been 55 years since the #VotingRightsAct was signed into law, but we are still fighting for equal access to the ballot box to this day. Congressman John Lewis risked it all to make sure that we all could make our voices heard in each and every election. He told us time and again: our vote is the most powerrful tool we have. So I hope you’ll head to whenweallvote.org to get registered to vote and learn how you can vote early this year. Better yet, sign up to volunteer to help your family, friends and community get registered too!

5 days ago

I just wanted to check in with you all because a lot of you have been checking in on me after hearing this week’s podcast. First things first—I’m doing just fine. There’s no reason to worry about me. Like I said in that conversation with @Michele__Norris , I’m thinking about the folks out there risking themselves for the rest of us—the doctors and nurses and essential workers of all kinds. I’m thinking about the teachers and students and parents who are just trying to figure out school for the fall. I’m thinking about the people out there protesting and organizing for a little more justice in our country. The idea that what this country is going through shouldn’t have any effect on us—that we all should just feel OK all the time—that just doesn’t feel real to me. So I hope you all are allowing yourselves to feel whatever it is you’re feeling. I hope you’re listening to yourselves and taking a moment to reflect on everything that’s coming at us, and what you might be able to do about it. And to all of you who’ve reached out—thank you. I hope you’re also reaching out to all those you’re closest with, not just with a text, but maybe with a call or a videochat. Don’t be afraid to offer them a shoulder to lean on, or to ask for one yourself. Love you all. 📸: Adam Garber @garbr

6 days ago

We’ve all been dealing with a lot of change in our lives and our communities. We’ve experienced the shock—and the aftershocks—of the killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery. And all this is happening amid this life-altering pandemic, which has upended so much of life as we’ve always understood it. All this change can feel pretty heavy—and we’re often left to deal with it at a moment when we’re forced to spend more time alone—more time in our own heads—than we’re used to. I couldn’t think of anyone better to talk about all of this with than my friend and confidante, @michele__norris . In the next episode of The #MichelleObamaPodcast , we're talking about life during this strange and exhausting time. You can listen to our conversation now on @Spotify —link in my bio.

1 weeks ago

I can't wait for you to hear my conversation with my friend and confidante, @michele__norris . We talked about how we’re doing in this strange and exhausting time––as well as our responsibilities as individuals and members of our community. Tune in tomorrow on The #MichelleObamaPodcast !

1 weeks ago

Happy birthday to my favorite guy. Here's to all the good days, blue skies, and new adventures to come. 😘

2 weeks ago

Whether we’re catching up over a cup of coffee, leaning on each other in tough times, or cracking jokes over text, my girlfriends keep me grounded no matter what’s going on. Feeling extra grateful for my girls today! Tag the special ladies in your life and show them some love in the comments. ❤️ #NationalGirlfriendsDay

2 weeks ago

Excited that @jaytatum0 and @SHAQ are teaming up with @WhenWeAllVote ! We all have a role to play in getting our loved ones registered and ready to vote. I hope you’ll join us: Tag 5 friends to help them get ready to vote at weall.vote/mystartingfive and use #MyStartingFive . Let's go!

2 weeks ago

Happy birthday, Mom! Anyone who knows my mom knows that she’s the one to turn to for steady guidance, a wise perspective, and, of course, a wisecrack or two. I’ve been so lucky to grow up with all of this and more. I love you. [📸: @jackimages ]

2 weeks ago

So excited for you to hear the first episode of The #MichelleObamaPodcast with @BarackObama ! I wanted to start this season off by discussing a relationship that a lot of us are spending a lot of time thinking about right now and that’s our relationship with our community and our country. Given everything that’s going on in the world, I think that these days, a lot of people are questioning just where and how they can fit into a community. And how you answer those questions is unique to you, your experiences, and your communities––but the important thing is that you do go through the process of reflecting and reaching out to loved ones to talk through what you’re feeling and what you’re hoping for. Because once you do those things, I think you’ll have a better sense of your community, your country, and yourselves. And if enough of us can do that—and if enough of us can empathize with one another—then over time––and it will take a long time, we can come up with some solutions and create the change we’re all hoping for. Click the link in my bio to hear my conversation with Barack!

2 weeks ago

Can’t wait for you to hear the first episode of The #MichelleObamaPodcast ! It’s a long, thoughtful talk with @BarackObama —we had some fun with this one. That conversation goes live tomorrow, but you can follow us right now by clicking the link in my bio to hear a preview.

3 weeks ago

If we want to keep making progress on issues like racial justice, we’ve got to be willing to start hard conversations––especially with the people we love. I'd love to hear about the conversations you’ve been having in your own lives.

3 weeks ago

We are just #100Days away from the 2020 election. And the truth is, this election could not be more important for the future of our country. Make sure to register to vote or sign up to volunteer with @WhenWeAllVote today at whenweallvote.org/100days.

3 weeks ago

I’m so excited to kick off my podcast on Wednesday—with Barack as my very first guest! We’ll be talking about our connections to our communities, particularly what our responsibilities are in this current moment. Throughout this first season, I’ll be having more conversations like this one with the people closest to me. My mother and brother stop by, as does my friend and mentor, Valerie Jarrett. You’ll also hear from many of my girlfriends, the women who’ve always been there with a shoulder to lean on, a perspective to think about, or simply an open line to vent to. In this time of social distancing, it’s more important than ever to invest in the relationships that make us who we are. And I hope the #MichelleObamaPodcast can be a place for you all to dig deeper inside your own lives and relationships, and start up some of these conversations with one another as well. I can’t wait for you all to listen starting on 7/29!

4 weeks ago

Take it from my fellow @WhenWeAllVote co-chairs: Don’t wait—get registered to vote right now. We launched When We All Vote two years ago because everyone deserves to have their voice heard in our elections. Take the first step and register today: whenweallvote.org/register.

4 weeks ago

I’ve spent the morning reading tributes to the extraordinary life and legacy of John Lewis. And I’m awed by the way that, in eight decades filled with such weight and consequence, he also managed to keep things simple and light. For him, the pursuit of lofty goals like justice and righteousness was about just doing what’s right. His epic life story rightly fills the pages of biographies and college textbooks, yet he also chose to publish it as a comic book. And even as he spent a lifetime marching, and sitting in, and getting arrested, his feet kept on dancing. Congressman Lewis shows us that while the struggle and pain is all too real, fighting for each other—and paving the way toward something better for our kids and grandkids—can and should be a source of real and lasting joy. May God bless his memory. And as we keep marching, may his defiant, delighted smile urge us onward.

4 weeks ago

I’m thrilled to announce a new project: The #MichelleObamaPodcast with @Spotify ! It’s been a tough year, and I hope this podcast can help us explore what we’re going through and spark new conversations with our loved ones. I can't wait for you all to listen––the first episode drops July 29! For this first season, I'll be talking with some of the people most dear to me: my mom, my brother, my friends, colleagues, and many others. In each episode, we'll discuss the relationships that make us who we are. Sometimes that might be as personal as our relationship with our health and our bodies. Other times, we'll be talking about the challenges and the joys of being a parent or a spouse, the friendships that help us through hard times, or the growth we experience when we lean on colleagues and mentors. What I love about these conversations is that they're issues we’re all dealing with every day––and they can take on new meaning when we’re going through a global pandemic or seeking out long-overdue racial justice in our communities. Mostly, I hope this podcast will help you open up new conversations––and hard conversations––with the people who matter most to you. That’s how we can build more understanding and empathy for one another––especially during times like this.

4 weeks ago

As difficult as this year has been, I have been so affirmed and inspired by the ways that people have stepped up to support their communities in this time of need. That sort of active generosity was on full display when members of the @GirlsOpportunityAlliance Network recently gathered for a virtual session. Grassroots leaders from countries like Uganda, Guatemala, and Vietnam shared what they’ve learned about how to best support adolescent girls during COVID-19, whether its working by phone with students, delivering food to their families, or hosting virtual classes. Their efforts are more crucial and life-changing than ever. That’s why I’m so thrilled that this group has come together to exchange ideas with one another, and it’s why the Girls Opportunity Alliance Network is committing to supporting them in every way we can. I hope you’ll support them too by visiting gofundme.com/girlsopportunityalliance.

5 weeks ago

Wishing a wonderful birthday to @Malala ! I first met Malala a few years ago, and right away, it was clear that she possessed character far beyond her years. Her incredible resilience is borne out of a genuine love of learning, and I am so proud of her for recently graduating from university. Because make no mistake: There are young women like Malala in every corner of the globe, determined to get an education worthy of their promise. They are the inspiration for my work with the @GirlsOpportunityAlliance . So as we celebrate #MalalaDay , let’s not simply be in awe of her accomplishments. Let’s join her and do our part to help unlock the extraordinary talents and potential of girls around the world.

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‪I just love this! Dakota and Daniel are so right: We are strong 💪🏾. #BlackJoy

last month

So thrilled for Lin-Manuel and the entire #Hamilfilm team! We’ve seen recently that the young and diverse America that you all represent and bring to life on screen is still here, still hopeful, and still blowing us all away.