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Formula 1 driver for Red Bull Racing. Keep pushing the limits #UnleashTheLion

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Do you have a question for me? Make sure to follow and tune in to @gstarraw IG for my Q&A with @radio538 . Should be starting at 21.10 CEST tonight! #MAXRAW

3 days ago

MAXRAW Season 4️⃣ is live. To browse 👉 link in bio #MAXRAW #GStarRaw

4 days ago

Available tomorrow 👉 MAXRAW Season 4️⃣

5 days ago

Ready....steady...go #mondaymood 😅🚀

2 weeks ago

No days off 😴🥵

2 weeks ago

Before ↔️After #KeepPushing

3 weeks ago

I will be joined by the one and only @davidcoulthardf1 when we go live on @puma IG tomorrow at 18.00 CEST. Knowing DC it should be a fun chat so be sure that you don’t miss this one.

3 weeks ago

Time to get some work in 💪 I’ll be ready for when racing is 🔙

3 weeks ago

Mothersday ❤️

4 weeks ago

Still no racing, but there are better times ahead 👊🏻 Have a great weekend everyone #GStarRAW #HardcoreDenim #StaySafe

4 weeks ago

Still gutted that there is no #DutchGP today. I would have loved to race in front of the #OrangeArmy in my own country Earlier this year we made a fantastic road trip through the Netherlands, Aston Martin Red Bull Racing style Although it is not the same as racing in front of a home crowd, I hope you will enjoy this Full movie 👉 link in bio 🇳🇱

last month

Happy Birthday to this man! I hope to see you on track soon 🎉7️⃣7️⃣

last month

This period gives me time to sign 🖊 Want one?👉link in bio

last month

Although I won in Brazil in 2019, this race from 2016 remains one of my all time favorite races What I remember most is that it was a very hectic race. We made a mistake in pitting for the wrong tires and it looked like the race was lost, but we just didn’t give up. I thought: or I can be disappointed or I can make it a very good race from here and that’s what we did To watch it today 👉 @ziggosportf1 📺

last month

I’ll be driving this Orange beast tonight in @teamredlinesim Real Racers Never Quit. Looking forward to racing with this group of drivers again 🙌 #CarNext #teamredline

last month

Another day of #stayhome

last month

Whenever we will get started again, I will be ready. In the meantime, I hope you are all in good health 🙏🏼 #StaySafe #StayHome

last month

Join me and @ziggosport in going back to one of the most special days in my life 🏆🙌 Watch the whole race today on @ziggosport from 15:30 on 📺

Mar 2020

Just a quick message to share a few thoughts on the Dutch GP which has been postponed unfortunately 😢 I am really impressed with the work that has been done so far by everyone involved 💪🏻 I hope to be driving the challening new track @circuitzandvoort again soon 🚀 #DutchGP #KeepPushing

Mar 2020

So great to see so many of you are enjoying the Sim racing we do online 😀 I hope we can put on a show for all race fans to enjoy 🚀 A quick update on when I will be racing: I will be joining the @teamredlinesim Real Racers Never Quit this Monday, but unfortunately will not be able to race in the All Star E-Sports Battle. I trust all the other drivers will make it a great race tonight 👍🏻

Mar 2020

I will be joining @ziggosportf1 from a distance tonight. Recording it now, on your 📺 at 22.30 tonight

Mar 2020

Still here ✌️😳

Mar 2020

This happened just over a year ago 🚀🚀Hope we can get back to racing soon but until then we’ll have to settle for sim racing. For a not so clean overtake: checkout my IG story 😂 Repost: @f1

Mar 2020

We were all looking forward to the start of the 2020 season. Of course I’m disappointed but we all understand that in the end this was the right decision. Feeling sorry for all the fans and everyone involved. Stay safe 🙏🏼 #AusGP