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Our new single "NO LIES"👇🏾

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4 days ago

Don’t mess with his sister yo‼️

2 weeks ago

And then it was Sunday...

2 weeks ago

Summertime vibes... I’m reposting since it’s being reposted all over the place anyways‼️

3 weeks ago

If you don’t pace yourself... You’ll eventually waste yourself‼️

4 weeks ago

Watch it... I caught it on YouTube

5 weeks ago

Meanwhile... 💛❤️

5 weeks ago

Shit is real in the field.

5 weeks ago

The turmoil... such turmoil. The unrest. The injustices. The constant lump in my throat. The anxiety. When you’ve come to a place in your mind where such a notion as being hopeful is more of a psychological methodology than what it actually was intended for. That you actually believe in a brighter future. That in your soul you truly have hope. But then, as always I’m reminded of truths that we don’t see as often, for fear sells more... so you must be vigilant, you must think independently. And become the change you wish to see out there. Project the constructive and positive image you hope others will project themselves. And hopefully it’ll catch on.. an actual ' healing contagion ' . As oxymoronic as that obviously sounds... My daughter speaks to me even when she’s not around. We are an imaginative breed of organic life that has made quite the leaps for centuries in the progression of our species. Try this... sincerely. Try imagining living next to your neighbor and not being bothered by his or her physical appearances, rather being intrigued by them and willing to learn more. Imagine wanting to help when a situation calls for it because you’d want the same from them if you and your life was in peril. Imagine justice. Imagine a peaceful mind and soul. For us all. Imagine our children reading about this in history books instead of having to relive it, like a scary story you’d tell around a campfire. I can, because I must. Can you❓ 📸: @fredericesnault

last month

We stand together. ✊🏾 #blacklivesmatter 📸: @moneyplaha

last month

I still have faith🤞🏾

last month

I don’t need to write anything really... Her spirit said it all.

last month

We just want to live. Just like you. #Enough

last month

Precious Cargo💛

last month

Hev Great Week-end‼️

last month

Hold it down my peoples ‼️ Have a great weekend out there‼️🎯 ( @forbes_gangg @babykyng1 )

last month

Congrats to the winner and a great big thank you to everyone involved in making this the successful production that it became, regardless of the circumstances we find ourselves in. We did it. That’s all folks‼️ @tv2norge @tv2sumo @idolnorge

last month

Tonight it all ends with a 💥BANG💥. Tonight someone’s destiny will manifested. Tonight there can only be one @idolnorge ‼️ Who will it be❓ @mariboella@odagondrosen ❓ Or @tore__p ❓Be sure to stay tuned... TONIGHT 20:00 @tv2norge @tv2sumo

May 2020

Ride with me people ... to Funkytown‼️🔆

May 2020

The finish line is in the horizon ... No more Mr nor Ms Nice guy🔥 Lets Go🏁 @idolnorge @tv2norge @tv2sumo

May 2020

When your dear friend and colleague @katarinaflatland tries to punk you😂😆🔆🤦🏾‍♂️

May 2020

Picked this up too late unfortunately. But it ain’t too late to do the dance challenge @nrksuper ‼️ Hope to see you guys show your mom and dad you can do it even better than them 🤪💛 Good Luck everybody ‼️ @philipbambam #KomIgjena #TheBaqwas

May 2020

When it’s time it’s time Baby... I mean Daddy. I mean Babydaddy‼️I mean... Never kill a Vibe when it just so happens to ... DROP‼️👼🏾

May 2020

🔥Let’s Do This‼️🔥 @idolnorge @tv2norge @tv2sumo 20:00 🔥🔥🔥 Enjoy @theweeknd ... Get it😜⁉️