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Head to YouTube to watch Peacock’s At-Home Variety Show!

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Helix channeling Judd Nelson in The Breakfast Club

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Here's what happened on this week's #PeacockVarietyShow ! Catch up now at youtube.com/peacockTV and watch every weeknight at 7pm/4pm PT in support of essential workers and communities in need.

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This is just a little snippet of all the wonderful things that happened this week on the #PeacockVarietyShow . Head to the link in my bio to catch up and keep an eye out for what we have in store for next week! @PeacockTV

last month

A great read by Michael Shermer — Why do people believe what they believe? From ghosts to conspiracies, what is it in the brain that makes us look for patterns, for intent, and for significance where none likely exists? Go read it, you have the time.

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Mar 2020

Mar 2020

Mar 2020

Gonna start posting book suggestions, as we’ve got lots of time to READ! This is one of my favorites.

Mar 2020

Mar 2020

Mar 2020

An apropos tune at the moment

Mar 2020

Mar 2020

For this brief duration: STAY HOME. You may feel healthy. You may BE healthy. The vast majority of COVID-19 cases are mild or asymptomatic. But you still may be a carrier, and you could pass it on to someone more vulnerable to it. This is not the apocalypse. The world has seen pandemics before. This will pass, and life will return to normal. But if you don’t make a temporary life adjustment during this pause, you will be helping to increase the likelihood that this disease will spread, resulting in the inability of hospitals to care for the number of serious cases. You can choose to help save lives, or to disregard them. So for the sake of those most exposed to harm, stay home if you have the means. There are people who don’t have that option — from doctors to firefighters to transit workers to all those who don’t have the financial luxury that perhaps you do — and you will increase their exposure as well if you insist on going to that bar. A virus is not invincible. It can be suffocated, but only with a communal effort can we do so with speed and efficiency, and without buying 100 rolls of toilet paper. Be responsible, and it will pay off.

Mar 2020

Here’s some good news in all the chaos — The long-awaited Cosmos: Possible Worlds, written by my friend the brilliant Ann Druyan, is now available! Order your copy today!

Mar 2020

The wait is over! Cosmos: Possible Worlds — March 9th on NatGeo!

Feb 2020

The great Bruce Broughton recording his season 3 main title arrangement for #TheOrville

Feb 2020

Get ‘em now!

Feb 2020

Jan 2020

Was told I don’t promote the records enough on here— this is a tune I did with my pal @lizgillz - great arrangement by Joel McNeely based on an old Buick jingle

Jan 2020

“Ah yes... But which one of us is real, Mr. Bond, and not just an illusion?”