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To everyone who spent their Saturday afternoon/evening with i for NTS unplugged... i give thanks... it was a beautiful earthstrong... my first on the continent... thanks to all the hardworking team members who made it possible, and to the Most High from whom all blessings flow 🙏🏿.

3 days ago

I'm pleased to share the official music video for one of the most personal tracks from my Note To Self album, Could It Be. I'm even more thrilled to be able to share it as I approach my earthstrong, which is a time of both celebration and reflection for me. I hope you recieve it with love and that inspires you to look within and find you. Knowledge of self is invaluable, be blessed.

3 days ago

Taking a moment to share my process and inspiration behind this song, and some upcoming special events 🌸

4 days ago

If you’ve listened to the album you may appreciate this 🙏🏿 ...see you later. . “With Note to Self Jah9 gave the world 15 tracks of powerful poetry. Digging deep into these songs, chants, and affirmations of reflection, it is time now to gather on Zoom to decode a Note to Self. It's time to analyze the metaphors and allusions in Jah9's artistry. Join us Thursday, May 21 at 12 noon (Jamaica time ). This open-access, critical analysis of Jah9's album is hosted by Dr. Isis Semaj-Hall of the Department of Literatures in English at UWI, Mona. It's time to decode this reggae poetry. See you on Zoom.”

1 weeks ago

STRONG STRONG! Join me for a great week of sharing! . (I’ll tag everyone later after rehearsal ☺️ )

2 weeks ago

In these unprecedented times when we are being called to be more than we have ever been; and greater than our education and experiences have prepared us for, it is beautiful to see so many ones rising to the occasion! I have had the opportunity to observe myself over the years, and especially now, grow in strength, courage and wisdom as I learn and adapt. As I draw closer to my solar return this month, I am feeling extremely optimistic despite the uncertainties of these times. The song “Could it be” is 3rd and final music video from the Note To Self visual narrative series. It is most personal and introspective of the album and I hope that as I reflect on self during my birth month, you are doing the same. “Could It Be” official music video drops on the 22nd, looking forward to sharing 🙏🏿

2 weeks ago

Being born on the Jamaican Labour Day (May 23rd ) means that I have gotten used to serving others in my community every year on my earth strong. So I find it most appropriate, especially since I haven’t gotten to share some live vibes on so long, I’ve got so much new music, AND I’m in AfricA, to put together a special gift I can share with all of you. Join me on May 23rd at noon (Jamaica Time ) for an intimate acoustic experiences, in conjunction with @wanene .tv here in Tanzania and @VPrecords . Set reminders and see you then! 🖤

5 weeks ago

Them: 9, what are u doing in Africa? Me: Starting fires! So much love going out to all my East African family who have made these past 9 weeks magical (in the midst of it all )!!! A small clip from one of the most awesome full moon nights I have ever experienced! #LamuYogaFestival2020 Beautiful vibes in a beautiful place with beautiful people! @lamu_yoga_festival @awaytoafrica @zawadinyongo @lavosti @salim_rollins @jo1bermudian @dionnecmonsanto @blacklioninternational This is only the beginning... #NotetoSelf #EastAfrica #Kenya #Ethiopia #Tanzania

last month

As we strengthen our physical immune system, it’s important to secure mental immunity. For me, the basis of my mental health maintenance is breathwork. This video is the foundation of a breathing exercise which can be used to calm and satiate the mind in times of worry and anxiety. Remember, you’re going to be okay, we will be ok together.

last month

Taking a moment to say thanks 🙏🏿

last month

“Only certain type a feminine will overs what I mean” Remembering some sweet moments in Jamaica earlier this year. An Epic vibe on stage with 2 of my favorite lyricists and brother in Kingston city... @pressurebusspipe @kabakapyramid @tippyigradedub #sendinglovefromEastAfrica

last month

Queen Omega. . Ma’at personified in this time. . Worthy is she to be called Empress.

last month

Note to self: groundings and breathwork.

Mar 2020

Sending out love vibrations to anyone feeling particularly alone right now... you don’t have to put on a brave face... feel the things you’re feeling! Let them wash over you... then when you’re ready... take a deep breath and remind yourself “I’m going to be okay”... . . strength courage and wisdom in the time. . Love from Tanzania. . 📸: @nickiikane

Mar 2020

The most crucial lesson I am learning in life is to trust my intuition over all other voices outside myself. This is why this album and this song exist. Spirit gives us the assurances that man and statistics can neither fathom nor control! But on a lighter note ☺️... I want to thank everyone who has been showing love to this project and I give thanks that these words sounds and visuals are serving a purpose in this time of stress and uncertainty. I give special thanks to the team of creatives who allowed spirit to guide them so these visuals would manifest in the most impactful way. Respect to you all: Directed by @samokush_i Shot and coloured by @fernandofhevia Produced by Reemus @xtm_nation Starred by @selahakilah | Goddess Tioma Styled by @timeouttakefive Make up by @ioka .ja Camera assistant Kash Burrell Grip Shawn Hall Set dresser @nickiikane Prop assistant @travis Production assistant @aristocratzzz_xtm Location Mathew Ashman If you haven’t experienced the visuals from this album yet please check the link in my bio. They are all part of one story... one journey... inward. Stay strong brothers and sisters... Jah nah sleep! #mantraMusic #NoteToSelf

Mar 2020

We are our ancestors (I love this image so much )... “I’m gonna be okay I tell myself while I’m breathing It’s gonna be okay Remember seh Jah not sleeping!” Note To Self (Okay ) official music video, OUT NOW ft @chronixxmusic ! Click the link in my bio to WATCH in full on my youtube channel. Don't forget to stream and download #NoteToSelf the album. Get the full body of music, so you get the full message. #mantraMusic

Mar 2020

@chronixxmusic put a verse on a track I produced for my previous album #9 and I knew I still wanted to create something together with him from scratch. The verses he wrote for this song #notetoself where as though he took them from my own heart! and his contribution inspired even the way I approached the delivery. Not only is he super talented, he has also shown me so much love and respect over the years. (He volunteered to be my flag man at the launch event for my first album New Name... Just ran on and took up the flag when I couldn’t find anyone else, and waved it all night!☺️ ) This song is definitely the most collaborative project I have ever produced, a true co-production! Many thanks to my young brothers @iotosh and @runkusinuh for applying their creative skills to the manifestation of this vision as well, along with my Right Hand top works engineer @snysh , who seamed it into the #NotetoSelf fabric so efficiently. Then having the Master Errol Brown and his Son Shane Brown mix it all together for the limited edition Vinyl version (get your asap ) was the perfect storm! A song created with so much love and care could only send beautiful reverberations out into the world! Jah timing is always perfect 🙏🏿 Stay strong brothers and sisters... Jah nah sleep! #mantraMusic #NoteToSelf

Mar 2020

For those of you having a hard time being forced to stay inside... these are some ideas that might take your mind off the mind control... love unnu!. . . . “I’m gonna be okay... I tell myself while I’m breathing” - @chronixxmusic #mantraMusic . . . .

Mar 2020

What are some of the things helping you to feel okay in these times of turmoil? What does being okay even mean to you? For I, there is nothing i value more than i peace of mind? So grateful to be where I am at this moment. My newest music video drops in on the 18th. Set the date and check it out. Click the link in my bio to stream and download the #NoteToSelf Album Sending love and strength from Shashamane Ethiopia 💚💛❤️

Mar 2020

Let's see whose been listening carefully to the #NoteToSelf album. Which music video am I dropping next? JAH perfect timing...

Mar 2020

It's finally here!! Note To Self the album is now available for purchase and streaming on all platforms. Slow down your day and have a listen, tune into yourself. As promised also, today I'll share the final of the 3 things from my arsenal of tools I use to get closer to knowing my true self... (It may be a bit awkward but... ) I talk to myself out loud. Like full on conversation with rebuttal, in the same way I would talk to a friend I love. Sharing my concern and presenting my advise. Even arguing and reprimanding when necessary. Yes, strange to some, but I find it works when I do my rough work privately, honestly and safely. It helps keep me accountable and reminds me that I am not a personality but rather the in-dwellings spirit that governs my/her actions. Is this strange to you? Can u relate? lol. Either way, some of my greatest lessons have come from these moments of self check. Click the link in my bio to download, purchase or stream my New album Note To Self. Sending love from Addis Ababa 💚💛❤️

Mar 2020

How are we doing on our journey to getting to know ourselves? Times of adversity and stress can be powerful learning opportunities too. Today I'll share another method I’ve used to get to know myself over the years... journaling. Documenting with my own hands, my reflections at the end of a day or my aspirations for the day ahead. Long and short term goals whether financial, spiritual, or physical. Or just doodling when the English language fails to provide the appropriate expression for my needs... pen (mostly pencil ) and paper have been my oldest and dearest friends, and have taught me the most about myself in the most efficient way. I encourage all of you to make your own notes to self in whatever way best suits your style and needs. It has kept me accountable and helped me heal and grow on my journey. #NotetoSelfAlbum out TOMORROW March 13 Watch “Note to Self | An Introduction” and all visuals at the link in my bio... Sending love from Addis Ababa 💚💛❤️

Mar 2020

So much love from Ethiopia...

Mar 2020

When we say knowing self, what do we really mean? How do you get to know yourself? Well over the next three days, as the Note To Self album approaches, I'll be sharing three things I've used to get to know myself over the years. Today I'm focusing on silence. Governing my action by minding my words before I let them out. I landed in Ethiopia for the first time a few hours ago and i haven’t yet found the words to describe my feelings... So silence works. #NotetoSelfAlbum out March 13 Watch “Note to Self | An Introduction” and all visuals at the link in my bio... Sending love from Addis Ababa 💚💛❤️