@cyroids1123 Cyrus Miramontes

LSHS-2018 RHCC #WhoDat #fighton

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Nov 2019

Thanks to everyone for birthday wishes today, this was an awesome day especially watching USC kicking UCLA'S ass (thank you for that dad ) @zettiegirl1 @dragoon .kiing

Sep 2019

Didn't post these last time but since USC is gonna kick Utahs ass thought I would, this was when me and my family saw USC kick Stanford's ass and ran into my cousin there also #fighton #beattheutes ✌🏼️❤️💛

Sep 2019

Getting ready to watch USC play stanford today with my family couldn't be happier #uscselfie #fighton

Jul 2019

The second birthday of July is over, happy birthday mom we love you with all our heart here's a throwback to when you me and dad ( @just_trav_ling ) went to New York

Jul 2019

Happy birthday and a happy 4th of July to the best dad out there, here's a little throwback to when me and you went to watch USC kick UCLA's ass @zettiegirl1 @dragoon .kiing

Apr 2019

Some pictures from maybe one of my favorite trips of all time, thank you Old Man for taking me and mom to New Jersey,New York and Philadelphia (and almost Connecticut ) they were the best(and the walking wasn't as bad as it seemed ) #thecitythatneversleeps #thecityofbrotherlylove @just_trav_ling @zettiegirl1

Dec 2018

No one in the world annoys me more than you do, and we fight alot, and most of the time won't see eye-to-eye, but at the end of the day no matter how mad at each other we are inside I know that I have the best big sister in the world happy 21st birthday @just_trav_ling @zettiegirl1

Oct 2018

When you realize all the rams wide receivers are hurt

Jul 2018

Happy birthday old man @just_trav_ling and happy 4th of July

May 2018

Just found this and remembering when I finally got this, a little sloppy but I still think not that bad

May 2018

Finally someone in my family won in this league now it's time for me to go back-to-back

Apr 2018

More pics taken from the Chicago trip

Mar 2018

Amazing final days in Chicago with the family but time to go back in Cali

Mar 2018

Halfway through the trip with mom ( @zettiegirl1 ) and dad ( @just_trav_ling )

Mar 2018

Yes it's over now time for graduation

Jan 2018

@mikev_89 Happy Birthday to one of the best coaches I ever had yesterday was fun at Santa Anita considering we both finally won a race there

Jan 2018