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7 hours ago

GOD really is great to me. Blessed, Black, and Highly Favored Forever. Thank You @comedycentral link to article in my story!

7 hours ago

“Not a network, but a brand that manifest itself through different expressions.”- Chris McCarthy great read on the remaking of @comedycentral link in my story!!!

8 hours ago

This is something I do everyday of my life anyway but I’m bout all this action. Tag your favorite black owned business in any city! Put me on to some black entrepreneurs so I can spend some money with my folks today!!! #BuyBlack

4 days ago

We need to watch this tomorrow as a family. It’s a BLACK thing you wouldn’t understand.

4 days ago

#843 Charleston SC. Next Friday and Saturday we at Trident Technical College Thornley Campus for FREE Covid 19 testing. Details on the flyer!!!!

4 days ago

GOD Bless You Tho......

5 days ago

Man. Man. Man. I Love You All. Let’s Thug This Shit Out Together. #InvestInYourMentalWealth 💚

6 days ago

This album right here is really, really, aging gracefully. I said it was the best rap album of the year in 2018 but 2 years later I say it’s headed to undisputed hip hop classic status. That second verse on #Dedication will make you run that extra mile, or do that extra set!!! “Look, this ain't entertainment, it's for niggas on the slave ship These songs just the spirituals, I swam against them waves with Ended up on shore to their amazement Now I hope the example I set's not contagious Lock us behind gates but can't tame us Used to be stay safe, now it's stay dangerous 'Cause ain't no point in playing defense nigga That's why I dove off the deep end nigga Without a life jacket Couple mil, tour the world, dogg my life crackin' Cook the books, bring it back so it's no taxes Royalties, publishing, plus I own masters I'll be damned if I slave for some white crackers I was mappin' this out, I hit the heist backwards Hoppin' out the eighty-five in Reebok classics Ran a couple marathons just to get established To make it happen, you got to have it Dedication, hard work plus patience The sum of all my sacrifice, I'm done waitin' I'm done waitin', told you that I wasn't playin' Now you hear what I been sayin', dedication.” LONG LIVE NIPSEY HUSSLE!!!! #TMC 🏁 💙

6 days ago

Renaissance Woman- A woman who has acquired profound knowledge or proficiency in more than one field. If you need a visual example of that definition then look no further than my sister @amandaseales she does it all!! Author, Actress, singer, DJ, hosts, standup, phone a friend, tour guide, and will intellectually destroy you with the spirit of James Baldwin if you want to go that route. She has always challenged me to be a better Blackman and what I love about her the most is I’ve never seen her compromise her integrity. She always respects herself enough to walk away from anything that no longer serves her, grows her, or makes her happy and that’s a lesson we all can and need to apply to ourselves!!! I celebrate her everyday but today I invite you all to join me and send my loved one some positive energy, love, and light on her Bornday!!! #TheBigSeales ♋️

1 weeks ago

It was my pleasure to do this for @deepakchopra ’s new podcast #NowForTomorrow this is titled “Leaning Into Uncertainty” available wherever you listen to podcast!!! @religionofsports

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1 weeks ago

I AM this friend. You should be to.

1 weeks ago

My niece @funsize_t is the worst. 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂 ♋️

1 weeks ago

Fun Fact my first radio interview ever was Fab in 1999 on Z 93 Jamz In Charleston Sc, Kiss folks is Live Wire Entertainment from Eutawville SC the moral of the story Is nothing, I’m drunk, and I enjoyed this battle!! I love both these brothers, necessary pillars in our culture!!!! These are two legendary spitters!! I told y’all Kiss would win tho!!!! 📷 @kodaklens #verzuz

2 weeks ago

I love my sister The Big Seales @amandaseales for many reasons but the main one is she has always challenged me to do the work!!! Ironically I saw @men_thrive post this clip a couple of days ago. (Swipe Left ) Love You Seales!!!!!! ♋️

2 weeks ago

Happy Bornday To My Bday twin!!! @makeupbydionne I pray next year we together to celebrate physically but for now I’m toasting to you in spirit!!! Love You Queen!!! ♋️

2 weeks ago

Thank You GOD for another year around the sun!!! It’s truly a blessing to be alive!!! Perfect Bornday Affirmation!! NO EXCUSES!!! People use excuses to justify staying as they are instead of striving to become better!!! You have to do the work on yourself tho! You have to be intentional about being the best version of YOU. If you want to be a better human then simply make the choice to be a better human. Make it a priority, DO THE WORK, dedicate yourself to being the best version of yourself and it starts with your MENTAL and SPIRITUAL health! I promise when you become a better human being everything else will fall into place!! Getting older isn’t guaranteed and Growth is optional so I’m blessed on my bornday to be doing both!! ♋️ #CancerGang 🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿🙏🏿

2 weeks ago

Video director of the year!!! Congrats @teyanataylor y’all haven’t seen nothing yet!!! Wait until she directs her first film!!! Hopefully I’m one of the producers of it!!! Also swipe left because I’m usually, eventually right about these types of things.

2 weeks ago

#BetAwards2020 hosted by The Big Seales!!!!!! @amandaseales I’m sure I’ll be somewhere slightly intoxicated, happy and sad at the same time, because you know the way my astrological sign is set up. ♋️ Anyway Tonight we watching this as a family.......BYOB tho......

2 weeks ago

So basically New York went to bed when they was told to. 😂

2 weeks ago


2 weeks ago

I need you all to radiate some positive energy, love, and light to my bossed up, Cancer ♋️ brethren @bonang_m how many of y’all can celebrate another year around the sun by popping your own champagne?! @houseofbng Send my friend some love!!!! 🇿🇦 🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦🇿🇦 #B33

2 weeks ago

This is why we tell Racist to “Go To Hell” they will be more comfortable there......

2 weeks ago

If there are adult beverages on this set, then this will be a problem. I’m a customize y’all a bottle of E&J with C&J as a gift!!! I’m really proud of these two because it takes faith in a higher power and extreme belief in one self to walk away from a juggernaut like ESPN, but they both did it!! The moral of the story is IF YOU WANT TO WALK ON WATER, YOU HAVE TO GET OUT OF THE BOAT!!! 👏🏾 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 for my folks @carichampion and @jemelehill @vice got it right!!!