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I’ve been trying to find the right words to say after I saw the  video where George Floyd’s life is being taken from him with impunity... I am so sorry to George Floyd’s family and Ahmaud Arbery’s family, And Breonna Taylor’s family and to the countless other black families that have their children and parents being taken away from them. I stand with you in outrage and I have called Minnesota Governor Walz, Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison , and Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman, their numbers and what to say is on the ACLU website, and I urge you to please call, please sign the petitions, and let’s stand together for justice. We need a change, we can’t afford to be silent, and we can’t afford a society that’s indifferent to others pain. #BlackLivesMatter #WeCantBreathe

4 days ago

join me tomorrow at 5pm ET on youtube for this mini jam session I did with @mastercard , it was fun for me to do this because usually I do like three takes at the last chorus of a song when I’m writing and then we comp the best ad libs of each take and put them together, but this was all one take so it was just whatever came out on the spot, here is a little part of the concert 💕

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2 weeks ago

so the past couple weeks I’ve been working on this jam session for you! @mastercard and I are bringing u a mini concert series, a set of songs/ medleys, inspired to invoke a sense of nostalgia for you guys and me.. all of the songs from Romance are paired with another song, including songs from my first album, and it’s meant to represent a kind of journey 🥺 it was super fun to put these together, they were all one take, singing arrangement- wise it was super free and improvised , and it was so fun to reimagine these songs.. We have two specials and first night of the show comes out next Wednesday, 5/27 and the second night is on 6/3 ❤️

2 weeks ago

“and into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my soul”

3 weeks ago

“love risks everything and asks for nothing”- Rumi, my poetry quote of the day 🌺 how are your hearts?

3 weeks ago

it’s #InternationalNursesDay and we wanted to thank you guys from the bottom of our hearts for the brave work you are doing for humanity every single day. #LOrealParisFamilly @lorealparis

3 weeks ago

“if I know what love is, it is because of you” 🌹

4 weeks ago

thank you for everything. 🌹

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4 weeks ago

i’ve accepted the #ALLINCHALLENGE ! let’s come together to help the people and families that are struggling during this time. let’s take care of one another. go to the link in my bio to donate if you can, you could be in my next music video and learn the choreography with me! love you guys, let’s help in whatever ways we can ❤️

4 weeks ago

reminder to you and to me today: sometimes we must collapse and crumble, but we are and have always been infinite

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5 weeks ago

my oh my dance vid out now!!! hope u guys liked it, stay safe, take care 💕💕💕💕💕💕 🎥 @rodneychonia

5 weeks ago

something I’m reminding myself today: we are all so caught up in the future, in our goals, in to do lists, in who we need to become, in what we want to achieve or do or even feel in the future, but life is only ever NOW. this moment. this is it. this is life. what happened is gone forever, and what’s going to happen isn’t ours right now. today I’m reminding myself look around and take in the fullness of this moment, and be thankful for the little things, and be thankful to have this ticket to this party, because it’s a miracle that everything happened the way it did so that I could even experience this right now. So today every time I get caught up in tomorrow and the noise and fog of my mind is not letting me experience this moment .. I’m going to wake myself up, because this is it. I love you guys

last month

we did something fun !!!! can’t wait to show you Friday 😚 ......🎥 @rodneychonia

last month

you don’t actually bore me I would never say that I think you’re awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

last month

“It is a blessing to know a free woman. Sometimes she will stop by and hold up a mirror for you. She will help you remember who you are.” - excerpt from a book that is changing my life right now. who’s reading what right now? im reading untamed by @glennondoyle and it’s like she’s speaking to my soul. there’s this chapter where she is talking about how she spent her 20s feeling like there was this perfect human somewhere who woke up every day feeling confident and great and clear and calm and like life was easy, I feel like I was going down that path too, feeling like i somehow was doing this life thing wrong because it felt hard, feeling like something was wrong with me- then she says “the only thing that was wrong with me is thinking that there was something wrong with me.” The amount of times I’ve made physical sounds to myself at the things I read in this book is embarrassing LOL, so many a ha moments but this was a big one for me. Feeling terrified and sad and overwhelmed and underwhelmed and confused and anxious and insecure and dark and then happy and confident and on fire and like life is a miracle and full of light IS being human. and things feeling hard doesn’t mean you’re doing wrong, it means you’re doing it RIGHT. it means you’re ALIVE. and like glennon says we have to let go of the fact that we think it’s supposed to be easy. UGH. I needed to hear that in this chapter of my life. OK I LOVE YOU GUYS AND I LOVE THIS BOOK AND THERES NOTHING WRONG WITH ME OR YOU OR ANYONE BECAUSE WE ARE ALL GOING THROUGH THE SAME CRAZY CONFUSING ROLLERCOASTER SHIT BECAUSE THATS WHAT WE SIGNED UP FOR WHEN WE SIGNED UP FOR BEING ALIVE AND I LOVE YOU ALL !!!!

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i mean this picture which took 15 seconds cost me like 100 mosquito bites, always a pleasure @ Florida

last month

. .....” What a wonderful world It’s still a wonderful world All the pain that we’ve been through, All the tears and the hurt, I still think to myself, What a wonderful world “ honored to be part of #TogetherAtHome with @glblctzn and celebrate all of the essential workers and the sacrifices they make everyday. Thankful for humanity. Thankful for kindness. Thankful for compassion @WHO ❤️ @ladygaga ❤️ @shawnmendes ❤️❤️

last month

life update ::: decided to dress up today cuz unless I’m working I rarely dress up and its fun to feel cute for yourself ! also been doing meditation every day for 6 months and now trying to try yoga out for 30 days on YouTube. I’m learning that your 20s is a shit show and really hard but little things like wearing earrings that you like, and keeping promises to yourself like meditating or taking care of your body or doing something fun not cuz it’s productive but because it’s fun are what build self care and therefore self trust and self love and help you become your own bff !!! how’s everybody?