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10 hours ago

I didn’t like any of these pictures so I’m posting all of them. Special thanks to @tenhun for hand painting my LV bag! The detail is incredible. He documented the entire process on his yt channel. Check it out and show him some love (it’s incredibly satisfying to watch the process )!

4 days ago

Where my big booty hoes at

2 weeks ago

It’s been a while... what’s up on the gram cracker

4 weeks ago

Now that I have you here for my post workout selfie let’s talk about something important. Today would have been Breonna Taylor’s 27th birthday. Breonna was shot at 20 times by the Louisville police after they obtained a search warrant for her home. Authorities “suspected” a man involved in a drug ring was receiving packages of drugs at her home. This turned out to not be true as they did not find any drugs in her house. This was only after breaking into the home and killing Breonna Taylor. Police shot because her boyfriend shot once at an officers leg in self defense as officers came into the home in the middle of the night with no knock or warning. There was a total lack of media coverage surrounding her murder. Let’s bring attention to this case and cases like hers as we continue to bring justice for black people around the world and fix this currupt, archaic system. Happy birthday Breonna 💙 #blm #breonnataylor

5 weeks ago


last month

I’ve always wanted a pink cowboy hat

last month

How y’all doing on this lovely day?

last month

Another beautiful day in Bali!

last month

Classy, bougie and ratchet

Apr 2020

Dude come here

Apr 2020

If it looks like I’m looking deep into your soul it’s cause I am

Apr 2020

Don’t forget to wear your personal protection equipment 😷 Thanks to your help I was able to donate over $6,000 to the World Health Organization @who to supply masks and gloves to frontline workers and so much more! We’re in this fight together. I know when this is all over our world will be more connected and united as a whole than ever before. 💙

Apr 2020

A little BTS moment for you. As in the Kpop group and ‘behind the scenes’ cause I feel like it’s giving me both.

Apr 2020

I think I need this hair color for real. What color do you wanna dye your hair?

Apr 2020

I’m so happy to have all of you by my side during times like this. Social media changed my life in so many ways and it really makes me feel like I’m never alone. 💙 I teamed up with @postmates #postmatespartner to give away $50 gift cards to 5 of you to help with the struggle many of us are going through right now. All you gotta do is comment below why you should get one and I’ll pick later today. Love u! Stay safe!

Apr 2020

Tell me how you feel

Apr 2020

It’s a ghost town out here

Apr 2020

I miss regular life 🥺

Apr 2020

I’m only wearing skirts from now on. They’re so comfy

Mar 2020

Let’s touch tongues

Mar 2020

Sometimes when you’re feeling down you just gotta put on some sequin and strut around your house

Mar 2020

Sometimes in isolation you give yourself a dope haircut

Mar 2020

This is my ‘don’t cross me bitch, I’m a Scorpio’ look.

Mar 2020

I never felt more alive than in this cowboy hat