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1 hour ago

Chick magnet. I’m one with all God’s animals. Especially these lil’ beautiful 🐥.. they make an excellent snack. Yum. I’m excited to share with you my exclusive @wsjmag cover and story. I’ve had the privilege of having the wildest of journeys thru this unpredictable thing we call life. Grateful for my blessings daily. And always willing to put in the hard work. Link in bio ☝🏾 to read the story. I think you’ll gain a little insight and knowledge from it. Enjoy. #WallStreetJournal #SevenBucksEntertainment @alasdairmclellan  📸

8 hours ago

This time of year has a funny way of creeping up on us with plenty of work and things to check off the “naughty or nice” list. All the more important to stop, enjoy and refocus with one last cheat meal before we wrap up our @JumanjiMovie worldwide press tour. It was a Dwanta Claus-style doozie. “White Christmas” up on the screen, and my favorite flavors of @SaltAndStraw . The sugar-sweats kickin’ in and if you do a little zoom in action you’ll see a little surprise of Dwanta mixing up his own flavors of amazing ice cream and bringing gluttony and sugar sweats to a whole new level. Enjoy your holiday cheat meals, my friends. Don’t cheat yourself, treat yourself. Love, Dwanta 🎅🏾🍦 #sundaycheatmeal

12 hours ago

If you look closely @kevinhart4real brilliantly asks @karengillanofficial to answer first - and you can see Kev’s masterful mind spinning for an answer. Then 🤯 it hits him. Then 💥 he heard “FINISH HIM” in his head and delivered the final death blow to me. When he says “I’ll pick DJ cos I don’t know what it’s like to be stupid” my stomach immediately started to hurt from laughing so hard 😂😂👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾 But juuuuuust when you think The Rock ain’t answering the 10 count... I rise up out of the ashes to deliver the FINAL BLOW. Check mate, gentlemen 😉♟ #InTouchWithMyFeminineSide #BecauseICare #BetterHusband #BetterFather #BetterHumanBeing #ForTheWomenInMyLife #AndALLWOMENAroundTheWorld #JUMANJI #WorldTour DECEMBER 13TH 🌍

12 hours ago

For some reason @kevinhart4real ’s British accent is always inexplicably delivered very expressive and with 🤪😡 anger. I had to listen to this shit our entire time when speaking with all our UK press friends. My fav part is at the end when Kev looks at me and GENUINELY asks “Yeah?” for approval. Which of course I say, YES. That’s what brothers do 😂✊🏾 #JUMANJI #WorldTour #England 🇬🇧

14 hours ago

EVERYTHING you thought you knew about JUMANJI has CHANGED. DECEMBER 13TH 🌍 #I ❤️YouToo


Stay focused. Stay intense. Thank you, Mexico 🇲🇽 for the blood, sweat & respect. Thanks to my guys @theblackkeys for the motivation in my 🎧 #bloodsweatrespect #twoyougive #oneyouearn #howlin@jonbrandoncruz 🎥




One of the many many reasons, I 🖤 @jackblack . #redcarpetrockstar #jumanji #london


The ‘Manji gang servin’ up looks. #london #worldtour #jumanji


Style is a feeling. Cool, yet complex. Daring, yet elegant. Edge, yet polished. Splash of sexy 🥃😉 A special shout out to my extremely talented and sought after stylist @ilariaurbinati . She’s a rare gem, has built an amazing brand in her business and the best-in-class storyteller with what I wear. Salud, my friend to raising the bar and thank you for your exceptional work in dressing this very complicated big, brown, bald, tattooed dinosaur. #Urbinati #BestInClass #TeamRock @jonbrandoncruz 🎥

2 days ago

You send me 🥃 🎶 My Teremana tequila red carpet toast to the town and country that’s been the best to me over the years - London and the UK. Truly, an unforgettable night. #JUMANJI #WorldTour #London 🇬🇧 #TeremanaIfYouPlease 🥃

2 days ago

“cos every girls crazy bout a sharp dressed man” #JUMANJI #London #FuchsiaBlues @mark .c.roe 📸

3 days ago

It’s one thing when I tie em in a knot. It’s another thing when I don’t use my hands 😂🖐🏾 Press junkets will never EVER be the same after me and my brother @kevinhart4real . It’s non stop hard work, but no one has more fun than us. #JUMANJI #WorldTour #PartyTricks 🥃 🥨

3 days ago

Dondeee estamos? Said in a sexy, dramatic, smoldering baritone voice. That time we got transported into a @univision Telenovela 🔥🔥🔥 Too much fun. #JUMANJI DECEMBER 13th 🌎

3 days ago

Jumanji bells ... Dwanta Claus and his Christmas angels spreading enthusiastic joy and love this holiday season. From our Jumanji family to yours - HAPPY HOLIDAYS!! Special mahalo to our partners at @hulu spreading the joy right there with us. 🎅🏾 😇 🎸🎤🎄

3 days ago

A delicious Teremana tequila 🥃 shot to kick off our JUMANJI red carpet festivities in Berlin 🇩🇪 What a fun premiere and thrilled you loved the movie! #jumanji #globalpresstour #germany #teremanaifyouplease

3 days ago

Berlin, Germany. #Jumanji #GlobalPressTour In theaters DECEMBER 13TH 🌍

3 days ago

Just stopping in to say on behalf of @projectrock and @underarmour we thank you all for your support our of latest Veterans Day apparel collection. It’s been quite the important success. Giving back to military families in need is our honor - and proud duty. #ProjectRock #UAFreedom #FisherHouseFoundation 🇺🇸

4 days ago

Au revoir, Paris 🖤 The love is always appreciated. Til’ we meet again. #JUMANJI #GlobalPressTour #France @jonbrandoncruz 📸

4 days ago

Motley Crew 🖤 #JUMANJI #Paris 🇫🇷 DECEMBER 13TH WORLDWIDE 🌍

4 days ago

As an actor, Mr DeVito went deep method for our JUMANJI 🎭 Deep. Method. It’s all in the game, my friends. #FromDannyToTheRock #JUMANJI IN THEATERS DECEMBER 13TH 🌍

5 days ago

We love you back France 🤟🏾🇫🇷 A Teremana tequila 🥃 toast to the thousands who jam packed the biggest theater in the world tonight for our premiere of JUMANJI. Thrilled you loved our movie and such an electric crowd. Salud and see you down the road. #JUMANJI 🌍 @jonbrandoncruz 🎥

5 days ago

Landed at 5am, hit the hotel, showered (maybe ) hit the gym and launched into my work. It’s the City of Love for a reason - thanks to all the “hardest workers in the room” who made my workout a memorable one 🤪 with all the frenzied energy and love. To the man who gave me his 🥇 and refused to take it back - merci beaucoup and I’m blown away by the gesture. #gratitude #hardestworkersintheroom #paris ❤️🇫🇷