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The homie will b in the building 2 Repost from @cristiondior using @RepostRegramApp - Miami we here 🌴 #ArtBasel @brickmia @djjuniorllmg @teamdjred and more TOMORROW December 5th @stefichacon @annaazcona


Repost from @cafeiguanapines using @RepostRegramApp - #MeetMeAtIguanas this Wednesday for #NocheLatina with @djjuniorllmg @teamdjred @stefichacon @jamminjohnnyradio @elzol1067fm ! LADIES IN FREE + DRINK FREE TIL MIDNIGHT.

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Who’s partying with Mr SACALA BAILAR 2 nite @cafeiguanapines #internationalsaturday ‼️

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Repost from @stefichacon using @RepostRegramApp - Miércoles 11 de Diciembre @dalexmusica en vivola @cafeiguanapines @iguana .dolls @limelightmg @djjuniorllmg @teamdjred y esta servidora 🤟🏼 SHMOVIEEEE ... reserva su mesa y COMPRA sus taquillas Ya... link en BIO 🎫 @juanvibra @richmusicltd

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Nothin but positive vibez on this side

1 weeks ago

They think they some gangsters 🤣😂🤘🏽🤘🏽

2 weeks ago

New music alert 🚨 from my Cuzo @blvkjvck aka THE RUNNERS, go download right now 🙌🏽🙌🏽🔥🔥🔥🎥

2 weeks ago

Recap from last Thursday @brickmia #itsalimelightparty

2 weeks ago

That’s how we do each & every Sunday @clubtipico , best Sunday party @elzol1067fm #mrsacalabailar 💃🏼💃🏽💃🏻

2 weeks ago

Repost from @djpowerproduction using @RepostRegramApp - #Repost @cafeiguanapines ( @get_repost ) ・・・ 🎫 HERE’S YOUR CHANCE TO WIN A PAIR OF TICKETS 🎫 Dont miss our 🍁 🍂 Pre-Thanksgiving Day Fiesta 🍂 🍁 featuring @eltorito33 + @eddy_herrera THIS WEDNESDAY! 🎶 🥁 🎺 🎤 $40 PRESALE TICKETS ON SALE VIA EVENTBRITE. TWO AMAZING LIVE PERFORMERS in ONE NIGHT! 💃 📻 Hosted by @jamminjohnnyradio and @elzol1067fm 🎼 Music by @teamdjred @djjuniorllmg @djraya_poniendo_a_gozar @djberdugo Para mas información, dm @cafeiguanapines . 📱 #MeetMeAtIguanas

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@rafezy @j3rzyrican 🤣😂🤣😂

2 weeks ago

My boy doing what he do best st8 ball ⚾️ #1

2 weeks ago

Tune in right now & listen 2 Mr SACALA BAILAR Por @elzol1067fm live from @cafeiguanapines hosted by @jamminjohnnyradio

2 weeks ago

Thanks Manita @amaralanegraaln 4 bday wishes 😘🙌🏽🇩🇴

3 weeks ago

2 nite come celebrate my pre bday Repost from @cafeiguanapines using @RepostRegramApp - Tonight! Ladies in free + drink free til midnight! #MeetMeAtIguanas for #NocheLatina

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Repost from @clubtipico using @RepostRegramApp - Come on out and party with the talented DJ Red, Laura Garcia, DJ Menol, and DJ Jay-Vee ! #FREE entry until 8PM 🇩🇴$15 hookahs 4 - 7 PM, and $$$$100 Buchanans 8 - 10 PM. #where all the celebrities come to party! #latinmusic #musicalatina #dominicanfood #dominican #dominicanrepublic #clubtipico #reggaeton #ladiesnight #patioparty #livemusic out on a night here at Club Tipico Dominicano -- where all the celebrities come to party! #latinmusic #musicalatina #dominicanfood #dominican #dominicanrepublic #clubtipico #reggaeton #ladiesnight #patioparty #livemusic

3 weeks ago

Catch me @brickmia daytime party ,who’s comin #mrsacalabailar 💃🏼💃🏽💃🏻

3 weeks ago

Who’s ready 4 social Sundays @brickmia #sundayfunday 😎

3 weeks ago

Another 1 @cafeiguanapines #fullhouse #mrsacalabailar 💃🏼💃🏽💃🏻 #elzol1067fm

3 weeks ago

Who’s comin 2 party up with me and my @limelightmg team 2 nite @brickmia #wynwoodgoeslatin #mrsacalabailar 💃🏼💃🏽💃🏻

4 weeks ago

The one that brings the best of me @munekita24_ 😘🥰

4 weeks ago

Repost from @maffio using @RepostRegramApp - Last night had a convo with @blvkjvck about how nowadays artists, producers and songwriters before they go into working with someone they check the followers, the views, the likes and possibly the clothes and material crap they see on the Gram. Forgetting the motive and the importance of the feeling thats reflected into the musical crafts. Before going in to work with @blvkjvck i gravitated to the feeling and i immediately connected being that my job is to make sure people connect with my music. Last night I got to the session and it was like a confirmation of the feeling i got through the music. Blinded Not knowing the hit records @blvkjvck had produced. For example: Hustlin and I’m So Hood to name a few. We made History last night. Whats about happen will be Revolutionary. LETS KEEP FOLLOWING THE FEELING THATS WHERE IS AT! We about to Hit Everybody! @teamdjred thank you for the Intro at @clubtipico

4 weeks ago

Love yall till death son & daughter 👫 #tBt

4 weeks ago

2 nite y’all come catch the vibe with the @limelightmg team @brickmia #wynwoodgoeslatin