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@street_sk8er24 photos and videos

2 weeks ago

Some old spots I never hit as a kid and me doing em now! I'm so glad that life decided to stop being an ass and now I'm doing great! Also consider this my November edit! Tell me what you think guys! : ) Film creds to @angelrubi .o and thanks to @unblissful .chris as my crackhead hypeman

last month

Nothing better than having a great time with friends and skating! Like it up and share😌! @verzy_ @impact_skateshop

last month

New shit, different days. Enjoy! @verzy_

last month

Another post because I haven't been posting clips but these are the ones from my story onto a post so enjoy guys!

last month

I could never ask for a better group of friends, they will always make me feel great and they keep mem moving foward. I always love to hang with my friends and have a great time! I'm really hoping we'll make the best of memories in the future as well : )

Sep 2019

I suck at skating : )

Sep 2019

This right here! This is heat! But I also rolled my ankle but I said heel💀 but anyways enjoy those

Sep 2019

Happy birthday to this bitch! Samuel he is my bitch and I hope he had a good day, but you also treated me and angel out today! thanks so much for this amazing day. I thought my day was gonna be total ass before but thank you...... Once again the bois make me happy and our group is #1

Sep 2019

She is as beautiful as the sky.............. . . . . Nah nigga the fuck this is a new era of Dorian (before I was a hurricane🙈 ) hope you enjoy these guys..... Also tell me your fav one hehe

Aug 2019

Finally a day where we took pictures that I saved😂 I'm glad I get to spend it with those that make me laugh and I'm glad I can return the favor😆 our group is better than any group in the universe🙈🙈

Jul 2019

Happy late 4th of July guys uhh I wanted to post so fuck it all skaters are God's beginner or pro and fuck scooters also keep doing fuck shit or hood rat shit with your friends😈

Jun 2019

I don't have much photos at all but uhh I appreciate my homies and this is late but these are homies of the year award also I don't really have best friends but these people are pretty close (sorry to those I don't have photos with but if we talked this year I appreciate you )

May 2019

Some photos from Tuesday and today. This whole school year just sucked dude like I ain't enjoying nothing anymore and I feel like the only ones holding me up mostly are my friends so I appreciate you guys so fucking much but enough of being a little bitch but arent I ugly as fuck!

Apr 2019

Hope you guys had a good break and a great Easter and I'm sorry about the quality being trashed by Instagram and thanks to @thetightcompadres for the clips he is super cool!

Apr 2019

Today was great taking photos with my hoes I mean homies and the last one is a clip from yesterday

Mar 2019

Today was good and we got kicked out some spots but we don't care we just good and they hating on us but I fucked up my heel and won't be able to skate for like 2 days or maybe just a day but fuck that's too long but Nathan ate shit the worst but he all better now. Thank you guys for always keeping motivation going for skating

Mar 2019

Military ball 2k19 was very great aside from an incident but everything was fine. Until next time.

Feb 2019

The first is just how many tries it took for me and angel to get shit right, well today was really cool I got some new lines and hopefully it doesn't just stop here cause right now this is my passion but shout out to those that read all this❤️👁️👅👁️. Video credits to @patwikthe2rd

Feb 2019

I deleted the old one cause it didn't show the whole trick and so here you go me getting beat up and me getting it @impact_skateshop @bakoskateco

Feb 2019

Skating with angel was dope as hell today, we planned to street skate and went at least halfway out and it rained so we skated all the way to saunders and I also got fakie 360 shuv and angel got fakie shuv. It's a progress and I never saw myself going farther than what I can do but thank you all that I skate with.🤑❤️ @bakoskateco

Jan 2019

Alright so I've been on my grind😈 and skating con mis amigos y yo me gusta mi patineta y todo's mis amigos. But the first is a skate clip then the rest is me with my locker crackhead gang🤯

Jan 2019

I would like to thank you all for being with me and skating like your motivation is what gives me drive and I can't wait tomorrow to go skate again as well like it's so crazy how I went from this kid who just thought skating was a phase and shit but here I am 5 years later still on my shit and you guys are what make me wanna continue and I'm still on the grind cuz I hope we can skate more often and get more clips and I swear we are gonna finesse taco Bell🤯👌 also thank you Grace for the video @_ .dis.grace._ @bakoskateco

Jan 2019

Back at being a crackhead and shit (some of these are from last night and some are today ) I didn't eat taco Bell but that's okay and maybe not having a girlfriend is okay after what Frankie said "friends numb the pain" I love you all @frankie .bbz @dunca_n_ @musty_mason_

Jan 2019

Well today was something we went to taco Bell and we screamed in there and ate some mean ass burritos. I'ma go shit myself now.. @dunca_n_ @musty_mason_ @barry_b_benson_____