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16 hours ago

“I always want to do music that influences and inspires each generation. Let’s face it. Who wants mortality?” – Michael Jackson #MJ #Immortal #MJ4LOVE #MJ4Ever #GOAT

2 days ago

Michael Jackson is fashion. The Mission Lion long sleeve button-down shirt and the short-sleeved t-shirt, based on the shirt worn by Michael during rehearsals for “This Is It” is now available exclusively at the Michael Jackson Online Store. Surprise a fan with this unique gift this holiday season.

3 days ago

At midnight, December 2, 1983, the face of cinemas – and music videos – changed forever. “Thriller” premiered on MTV, after a theatrical premiere on November 21. Click on the story to see behind-the-scenes photos by Douglas Kirkland of Michael’s unequaled short film. #Thriller #GameChanger #Iconic #MJ #MichaelJackson #GOAT

5 days ago

Nov 30, 1982 was the day music history changed forever. The greatest selling record of all time, Thriller, was unleashed on the world.

6 days ago

"At the beginning of 'Don't Stop', that's Michael, his brothers and even Janet playing soda bottles. I got out all my classic ribbon microphones to capture it." – Bruce Swedien on the unique sounds of Michael’s exuberant single. The song was certified gold on this day in 1979 – and is currently certified triple platinum.

2 weeks ago

“His beatboxing was without parallel, and his time was ridiculous. His sense of harmony was incredible. Never a bad note, no tuning, even his breathing was perfectly in time.” – Rob Hoffman, assistant engineer on HIStory

2 weeks ago

“We are Germans, we are Armenians, French, Italians, Russians, Americans, Asians, Africans and many other nationalities. We’re Christians, Jewish, Muslims, Hindus. We’re black, we’re white. We are a community of so many differences. So complex, and yet so simple. We do not need to have war.” – Michael Jackson, upon accepting the Bambi Artist of the Millennium award

3 weeks ago

Hollywood became Michael’s town on November 20, 1984. The city honored Michael with a solo star on the Walk of Fame. Mayor Tom Bradley declared “Michael Jackson Day.” Over 6000 fans blocked Hollywood Boulevard. All for the love of Michael. #MJForever

3 weeks ago

A glimpse behind the scenes of the Victory Tour.

3 weeks ago

“I have never worked with a nicer man than Michael. He was gracious, talented as all get-out, gentle, humble, a perfect gentleman, never swore, was healthy, punctual, and just the very sweetest person I could have ever hoped to work with. Oh, what a brilliant star he was!” – John Bahler, Assistant engineer

3 weeks ago

The “Black or White” short film premiered on November 14, 1991, once again pushing the boundaries of technology and expectations in an unforgettable visual feast.

4 weeks ago

“I’m always writing. When you know it’s right, sometimes you feel like something’s coming, a gestation, almost like a pregnancy or something. You get emotional, and you start to feel something gestating and, magic, there it is! It’s an explosion of something that’s so beautiful, you go, WOW! There it is. That’s how it works through you. It’s a beautiful thing. It’s a universe of where you can go, with those 12 notes…”

4 weeks ago

Michael is everywhere: in the My Way Hua Hin hotel in Thailand, each room is themed for different musical artists. There is, of course, a room dedicated to Michael Jackson, as well as a mural on the outside wall of the hotel celebrating Michael.

4 weeks ago

“He’s got the set choreography. He’s got that down. But then he puts the MICHAEL JACKSON into the choreography…he’s just in and out of this thing and it’s like ‘this guy is owning this stuff!’” – Choreographer Jeffrey Daniels on Michael’s magic in the “Billie Jean” short film.

5 weeks ago

On November 6, 1996, Michael took time out of his HIStory tour to visit the Bangkok School for the blind while in Thailand to which he also donated $100,000 and toys. #MJHumanitarian

5 weeks ago

Most Popular Male Entertainer. #MJForever

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"I felt so much pain and suffering for the plight of planet Earth, and for me, that is a song to Earth because I think that nature is trying so hard to make up for the mismanagement of humanity the ecological imbalance continues - there are so many environmental problems I believe the earth feels the pain and it has wounds. " – Michael Jackson on his inspiration for “Earth Song.”

last month

#MJTrivia : Which beloved rapper appeared as a child in Michael Jackson’s “Ghosts”? Hint: He says he started wearing loafers and high waisted pants during his 2009 Ecstatic tour in homage to Michael.

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What costume are you wearing for Halloween this year? And what is your go-to Michael Jackson song for your Halloween party? Is it on this year’s Michael Jackson X Halloween playlist — see link in bio. If not, let us know in comments below what additional songs we should include next year.

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It's close to midnight and something evils lurking in the dark... The countdown to #Halloween starts! What Michael-inspired look will you dress up as this year?

last month

“It’s fun to be scared…it should be a roller coaster ride with peaks and valleys, and all kinds of emotions.” – Michael Jackson on his love of fun scares

last month

“I wish there were more people in the world like Michael Jackson. He’s truly one amazing human being.” – Russ Ragsdale, assistant engineer on 'Bad'

last month

When Michael’s short films made MTV relevant.

last month

@mjthemusical has announced where and when it is coming to Broadway. It will be in the Neil Simon Theatre and opening night has been set for August 13, 2020 at 6:30 pm with previews starting July 6. Tickets go on sale January 15, 2020. www.MJTheMusical.com