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4 days ago

Officially open for business! | #detroit #jaybellproductions #mikeanddrewsports #entrepreneur

3 weeks ago

Now y’all heard it from the OG himself @cedtheentertainer @_drewski_love #50centpagemusthavegotreported

3 weeks ago


4 weeks ago

My OG too humble about his role but @_drewski_love seen ya name 🧐🤯😂😂 #where50pageatonheredoe

last month

Starting THIS SATURDAY and every Saturday after, I will be having a Open Gym run for kids/teenagers under the age of 17. Completely free! Each parent needs to sign a waiver of liability prior to the kids playing in the gym. These open runs will be a stepping stone into our mentorship program. Hit me up for them waivers and any questions you may have | #jaybellproductions #mikeanddrewsports

Aug 2019

Me and the homies with J.Rose at his JRLA Golf Classic Topgolf Swing Suite Kick-off event last night 🏌🏿‍♂️ #mikeanddrewsports #jaybellproductions #detroit

Jun 2019

Y’all can’t tell me nothing I met and @1mrbigshot and @fear_da_fro !!! 🙏🏿🏆04’ Champs. I was a honorary Piston on that year’s roster but the @detroitpistons still ain’t sent my ring 😂😂 It’s all good doe, they know | #detroit #jaybellproductions #BadBoys

Jun 2019

My dawg @12thrill went crazy on them boys like he used to at the Palace 🏀🔥😤 in the @thebig3 game this past Saturday

Jun 2019

It’s always a treat when players meet. Ran into @thomashitmanhearns backstage at @thebig3 last night. It’s always love Unc 👊🏿💯 #thebig3

Jun 2019

My dawgs @mikeanddrewsportss partnered up with @unkofficial ‼️👊🏿😤 to bring y’all this Giveaway! Make sure you follow the rules so you can win! LET’S GET IT 👊🏿 👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿👇🏿 ENTER THE UNK GIVEAWAY @mikeanddrewsports & @unkofficial teamed up to give away a FREE NBA Detroit Pistons Hoodie ENTER FOLLOW THE STEPS BELOW 🚧🚨⬇️ - Like This Post - Follow @mikeanddrewsportss & @unkofficial - Tag a friend - Hit the link in bio The winner will be announced on Sunday 6/30 Follow the rules to qualify ‼️‼️

Jun 2019

Let me know something ASAP...

Jun 2019

Still working on my next video for the “MyVlog” series. Subscribe to my YouTube page - Jay Bell Productions - to watch some of vlogs I already got posted. I’m documenting everything my life along with different projects I’m going to put out. I’m doing everything independently because I know I can! Editing, writing, directing, producing, everything!| #detroit #mikeanddrewsports #jaybellproductions

Jun 2019

I’m proud of my lil sister graduating high school today... The world is yours 🌍💫

May 2019

Thanking God for blessing me to see another year on Earth! 🍾🍾🍾 I wanna thank myself too for being the thorough young nigga that I been (📸: @slik .nickelz )

May 2019

When your mans taking too many shots out the bottle, it’s me I’m your mans 😂😂

May 2019

JR Smith liked my video I made at the Iverson‼️‼️ Go follow @jaybellproductions NOW‼️‼️ @jaybellproductions @jaybellproductions @jaybellproductions ‼️‼️‼️

Apr 2019

My first time but it was the 3rd annual @iversonclassic . Thankful for the invite, it felt good to be in the building with that good energy from fans, NBA stars, and all those who apart of it. I look forward to looking back on this footage to see a couple of these these players actually in the NBA. Thanks again @theofficialai3 (📸: @jaybellproductions ) | #detroit #mikeanddrewsports #jaybellproductions #iversonclassic #alleniverson

Apr 2019

Couldn’t get a pic with him but he said what up doe and follow @jaybellproductions I’m always working! S/O to the GOAT @theofficialai3 | #detroit #mikeanddrewsports #jaybellproductions

Apr 2019

3rd Annual @iversonclassic in the Books! See y’all next year Philly!

Feb 2019

Full video is OUT!!! My vlog for my trip to the boxing gym is done! Hit my bio for the full video regardless I’m about to upload all these clips anyway 🤷🏿‍♂️😂 | #detroit #mikeanddrewsports #jaybellproductions

Feb 2019

In the presence of greatness! 3 Detroit Boxing Legends 🥊💯 @madeindetroit1990 x @k9boxing x @thomashitmanhearns |

Feb 2019

Thomas “The Hitman” Hearns 🔥🔥🔥🏆🥊 I gotta frame this one offtop. Y’all know I got that work but I impressed my damn self with this one! For more pics and video, follow 👉🏿 @jbproductions_ #detroit #mikeanddrewsports #jaybellproductions