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18 hours ago

Splash some #BOSSBottled on ya loved ones this holiday season. @boss

1 weeks ago

#Repost @kellyslater ・・・ #Bill40 is a Honolulu City & County (Oʻahu ) measure to phase out a wide-range of single-use plastics commonly used in food service (plastic straws, utensils, foam, etc. ), over a two year period. While it’s convenient to have utensils and such when we can’t access our kitchen at home, the amount of extra garbage created by all of us using single use plastics over the course of a year, decade or lifetime is astounding and not something we can’t live without. Traveling across this world and to very remote locations, I’m always blown away at the amount of garbage either in the rivers in Florida, on the beaches of Hawaii, or on an atoll in the middle of the Pacific. At some point soon we need to decide en masse to start undoing this insanely huge mess we have created on earth, and bills like this are small steps in the right direction to help us all change our actions. Please support and call your local representative to voice your thoughts on this being passed in Hawaii. Here’s to hoping the next generations of kids learn from our mistakes and epiphanies and take the reigns in better directions as the future unfolds. And if you’re not in Hawaii, think about starting a movement to have this implemented in your hometown and keep @kokuahawaiifoundation , @surfrider , and @sustainablecoastlineshawaii informed on your progress!

3 weeks ago

Meet the newest member of the @centrfit team, @ashleyjoi ! Give her strength and cardio workouts a go. Let the shred fest begin (link in bio )!

3 weeks ago

One of the most common side effects of frequent air travel is dehydrated ears. Thanks @azzagrist @zocobodypro for always having my back.... and my ears

4 weeks ago

Such a fun day at @urbnsurf in Melbourne. Straight off the plane and into the pool for more waves than I’ve had all year! 📷 @stugibson @edsloanephoto @lukemun @tajamos @markmathewssurf @visitmelbourne @australia @jsindustries1

4 weeks ago

Happy birthday mum. True champion of champions. Love ya xo

last month

My wife wrote a book it’s terrific check it out and pre order at Elsas bio @elsapatakyconfidential

last month

Let the trash talking begin. I’ll be taking down Matthew Berry from friends ( i think that’s who it is ) this week in #AGBOsuperheroleague fantasy football. I’ll be playing for my charity @auschildhood

last month

Hey guys. Felt like sharing the real me today. Just rolled out of bed, totally exhausted, no grooming, no fancy styling team, no high-end photographer and certainly no filters. Just me, raw, honest and vulnerable. Thank the stars I have the new #BOSSbottled Absolute to keep me smelling amazing even on days like this. @boss

last month

It was so hot my shirt literally burst into flames, luckily I was wearing my favourite pair of fire retardant shorts 🥵 give this circuit a go 6 times through @centrfit

Sep 2019

#Repost @gretathunberg ・・・ “Right here, right now is where we draw the line. The world is waking up. And change is coming, whether you like it or not.” My full speech in United Nations General Assembly. #howdareyou Swipe for full video->

Sep 2019

Wrestling some iron with Jorge and Zoco while yelling loudly and playing dramatic music. Wanna see more of this madness? Check out @centrfit ! (Link in bio )

Sep 2019

What do we want? Climate Action! The kids have spoken! Well done to all the young climate strikers for taking part in #climatestrike drawing immediate attention to the climate change emergency!! Taking to the streets and demanding an end to the age of fossil fuels!! Coming out in droves like Children Of The Corn with far better intentions. Telling our political leaders that if they’re gonna speak for them they need to listen to them! The climate crisis is upon us. Children understand the basic science that if we continue to pollute the planet climate change will worsen and they won’t have a future. None of us will. The planet will die and if you do the math pretty sure that means ....um yep we’ll also be disposed of unceremoniously too🤔So yeah definitely immediate, urgent and necessary wouldn’t you say ..? Get moving “leaders” Step 1 - move away from the burning of fossil fuels, no more new oil, gas, coal projects (that’s you Adani Mine ) Step 2 - move toward 100% renewable energy generation and exports by 2030 Step 3- fund a just transition and job creation for all fossil fuel workers and communities as this transition occurs

Sep 2019

Around the world, our ocean is facing a major threat— #oceanplastic . Plastic has been found in 59% of sea birds, 100% of sea turtle species, and more than 25% of fish sampled from seafood markets around the world. Help protect our ocean and the millions of species that call it home. Become an ocean hero and volunteer on September 21st at signuptocleanup.org @oceanconservancy #teamocean #ICC

Sep 2019

It’s just faaaaashion baby @elsapatakyconfidential

Sep 2019

Another little hidden gem in @australia Thanks for the hospitality @makepeaceisland !! @elsapatakyconfidential @liamhemsworth @lukemun @aprilmun @leiselj8 @azzagrist

Aug 2019

Starting today, @EarthAlliance has formed an emergency Amazon Forest Fund with a commitment of $5 million dollars to focus critical resources for indigenous communities and other local partners working to protect the life-sustaining biodiversity of the Amazon against the surge of fires currently burning across the region. 100 percent of your donation will go to partners who are working on the ground to protect the Amazon. @leonardodicaprio . To learn more and to donate, visit ealliance.org/amazonfund (Link in bio ) 📸: @chamiltonjames

Aug 2019

A very late thank you for all the birthday wishes and gifts. My favourite was this new cape that my lovely wife knitted me #truelove @elsapatakyconfidential

Aug 2019

If you’re in Sydney September 6th do yourself a favour and head on down to @chinaheights and check out my good friend @otishopecarey solo art show. 6pm-8pm. Digital catalogue will be available first week of September!! 👍👍

Aug 2019

Heard about Erik and his transformation using our @centrfit program and was blown away by his results. I happened to be in NYC and was able to meet up with him to train and talk about his experience. Great to see the impact the app is making! Check it out at Centr.com

Aug 2019

Punchy little circuit this one. 6 exercises, 6 reps, 6 rounds, no rest between individual exercises, 1 minute rest in between each round or just throw up and power through 💪🤢🔥 check out @centrfit for more movement, nutrition, and mental fitness tips and techniques!! #thedevilsburn

Aug 2019

My good mates at @sippinstant have dropped single sachets on the world today, pure deliciousness. Stoked on the miscommunication on the delivery. #stitchedup @liamhemsworth

Jul 2019

You can finally complete your MCU collection when you take home #AvengersEndgame on Digital today. #WeLoveYou3000

Jul 2019

#Repost @taikawaititi ・・・ Haaaaaa I forgot about this stupid meme. Now I like it. #JojoRabbit #fuckyoushitler