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Aka: honey bee, goof, and a certain someone's mess ( @dmyatabron 😍😍💘🐨 )

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2 weeks ago

I had an amazing thanksgiving break in Detroit with the love of my life and best friend @dmyatabron . There was good food and great times. I cant wait to spend time with you again baby. ❤

last month

New car! Ford Escape 4wd. I got it off carvana and got to use the big vending machine. It was a great experience and I honestly recomend it. #carvana

Sep 2019

I'm back in Texas and ready to see family again...and tacos

Aug 2019

Finally after a year I've graduated. Ready for the next step!

Jul 2019

I had an amazing time and I loved every second with my babygirl. I love you and am ready for the next time

Apr 2019

My first tattoo is finally done. I love it and its badass. Quetzalcoatl came out pretty good. #tattoo #quetzalcoatl

Apr 2019

Excited for my first tattoo tomorrow. Here's the sketch of what its gonna be. Its quetzalcoatl the Aztec God of knowledge. And God knows I need that.

Mar 2019

I'm with my baby again! I'm here on class break and love Chicago. I missed my girl so much and am having a damn blast. I also got to see Sue the t rex which has been a childhood dream of mine. I love you baby! Thank you! 😘👸🏽

Mar 2019

Bought a car finally and I love it. 1988 735i. It needs a bit of work but it's on it's way. I love it and it definetly gets me places. #bmw

Mar 2019

Bigsur was freakin awesome and made for some great pictures

Feb 2019

I love my baby! Happy Valentine's day sweet heart you're my everything 😍😍

Feb 2019

Sometimes I love cali

Jan 2019

My queen and me together finally! It was the time of my life and I miss her so much. I love you babygirl and soon we'll be together again. 😘❤❤👸🏽🐨

Dec 2018

Heading home!

Dec 2018

We had our cookery today! Food persian style! من غذا را دوست دارم

Nov 2018

Everyone deserves a Thanksgiving. What are you thankful for? I'm thankful for friends I've made on my journey and friends I've left behind. I'm thankful for my family who's put me where I am today. I'm thankful for my babygirl and all her support and love. I'm thankful every day and today were just reminded of that. I love this holiday and everyone celebrating with me, in person or spirit. Love ya'll ❤🦃

Nov 2018

Nov 2018

Big tree land! I had a blast

Oct 2018

Finallyyyyyyyy I am not a slick sleeveee

Oct 2018

Guys pt with a rainbow

Oct 2018

I had a good day at the beach this weekend. This place is beautiful

Aug 2018

I had a good day

Aug 2018

I climbed a massive hill. It was a mountain in my book but someone ( @buyashaka11 ) said it was a hill. I had a blast and am now very tired lol

Aug 2018

Monterey is great!